The Student Consultant office deals sensitively and expertly with student behavioural issues. This approach is linked to the whole methodology of our teaching: Greenfields’ study method – Study Technology, as developed by educator and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard– first isolates the barriers preventing a child from learning, and then provides precise tools to deal with them. Students who need correction or misbehave are regularly found to have encountered difficulties with their studies prior to the problem or misbehaviour.

Straightening out these factors leads not just to corrected work or repaired behaviour but enhanced ability as a student. This leads to self-motivated students. Then the need for disciplinary measures falls away and all kinds of positive results are possible.

Bullying, drugs and any kind of crime are not tolerated at Greenfields. The Student Consultant is a specially trained and highly experienced staff member whose job is specifically to deal with any behavioural difficulties which cannot be resolved in the classroom. At all points the student’s understanding of and cooperation with any system of rules and morals is consulted so that violations of rules are in practice quite rare.

Unfortunately, these days drugs is a subject about which no school can afford to be indifferent.

Our policy is unequivocal.

There are no drugs at Greenfields.

Similarly, Greenfields has a zero tolerance of all forms of bullying, whether physical, mental or social. The student body is equipped with highly effective report procedures as well as supportive class tutors in order to address these issues. As a result, we find that bullying rarely arises and is very swiftly and effectively handled when it does.

A high standard of integrity and morals is set throughout the school and we expect an exemplary standard of behaviour.

The key point is that any disciplinary problem can be traced back to an earlier problem with study.

We know how to deal with this.