1) Come for a tour

Please arrange a tour of the school so that you can see for yourself what Greenfields Independent Day & Boarding School has to offer. You will be impressed by our setting on the very edge of the Royal Ashdown Forest and will get a much better idea of what we do and how we do it.

2) Arrange a time for assessments and an interview with the Head Teacher

Don’t worry, this is not as scary as it sounds! The assessments here are based on the Cambridge Curriculum and do not determine whether your child will be accepted or not. They are done to show us the current level that the child is at in Reading, English and Maths. This enables us to see where your child is excelling, or where they need extra help. Once we have marked the results, you can have an interview with the Head Teacher or another member of staff to go over the results and find out what we recommend.

3) Trial day (on request)

If requested, the child may come in for a trial day and experience Greenfields Independent Day & Boarding School for themselves. If, having seen the school and taken in all our information, you feel that this is a necessary step in order to really judge whether or not your child will be completely comfortable here, please ask and we will work this out with you.

4) Fill in the Registration Form and provide the childs previous school reports

If you decide that you would like your child to enrol at Greenfields Independent Day & Boarding School, please fill in the Registration Form and provide us with your child’s previous school reports. This is a standard step for any independent school and is essential in order for us to proceed.

5) Come and get your childs uniform and get ready to start!

Next, arrange a time to come and have a uniform fitting, receive all the relevant information about the start of term and so forth, and get ready to start at the school!


If you are unable to make it to the United Kingdom in person and would like to enrol your child at Greenfields Independent Day & Boarding School, then the following steps should occur:

  1. Speak to a member of our Admissions staff for a short interview.
  2. Send us the child’s previous school reports and fill in the Registration Form.
  3. We will then contact the child’s previous school for a recommendation.
  4. We may then proceed to email/fax over assessments (this is conditional).
  5. Based on all the above information the Head Teacher and his staff will make an appropriate decision on whether the child is accepted into the school. This may be on a provisional basis until we can have a face-to-face interview and see how your child is doing.
  6. Proceed as above