The Qualifications Department is a feature unique to Greenfields School.

It contains qualified and experienced staff who are responsible for the quality of delivery across the whole school.

Using the worldwide system of assessments developed by Cambridge International Examinations, a body overseen by the internationally renowned Cambridge University, each student’s individual academic performance is monitored and is then able to be compared to results internally and with other Cambridge schools in the UK and in other countries.

Qualifications staff then give one-to-one support where needed.

Weekly progress through a body of work in each subject is mapped on a progress board which is updated regularly. These progress boards, as well as the yearly assessments, are used by teachers to plan future learning based on the strengths and weaknesses which emerge.

These tools help in two major ways:

  1. They show minimum standards that all students are expected to achieve that year in each of their subjects.
  2. They act as guides to help us support each student and improve our quality of delivery in the short, medium and long-term.

‘Qual’, as it is known, is the department that issues certificates, reviews and remedies student progress, trains and corrects staff as needed and ensures that the school is adding value both broadly and on an individual level. It is a ‘safe harbour’ and is a friendly and caring place for students and staff.