Greenfields Head Goes to Japan

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Greenfields and Winnie the Pooh
Greenfields Head Goes to Japan

On his recent trip to Japan, Executive Head Teacher, Mr Jeff Smith of Greenfields School was intrigued to find out that Japanese children loved the idea of visiting the ‘home’ of Winnie-the-Pooh (or Pooh-San as they call him). Pooh San is a fictional teddy bear created by English author A. A. Milne and his adventures are based around the Ashdown Forest close to where Greenfields is located.

Mr Smith flew out to Tokyo in February to promote the school’s summer language program for children learning English as a foreign language at his Forest Row School

The English as a second language program has been running at the school for several years and was first set up as a summer camp, but now also runs at different times during the year in order to accommodate students who have breaks in their countries at other times of the year.

Greenfields School, which is an independent day and boarding school, offers foreign students boarding on site and the advantage of internationally recognised qualifications.

Mr Smith said: “The majority of the subjects the school teaches, are international GCSEs so for anyone who gets a certificate here in England it will be an international qualification so they can take it back to whatever country they’re from and it will be valid there as well.”

Mr Smith added during the visit he took inspiration from teaching methods abroad and how “everything ran like clockwork”.

“The people were incredibly caring and very proud of what they do and the place was very clean,” he said. “If you start looking vaguely lost, people come up to you and ask if you need help. It’s unreal.

“The impression people sometimes give you when they talk about Japan is that it’s so rushed but it’s actually less manic than England.

“If you go on the underground in London during rush hour, you feel stressed. Everybody looks so tense. In Japan it’s also busy, but it felt a lot calmer. You can tell people know what they’re doing and everything was coordinated, it was more relaxed.

World Book Day at Greenfields!

World Book Day is a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) it’s a celebration of reading. In fact, it’s the biggest celebration of its kind, designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, and marked in over 100 countries all over the world.

This year, the Infant and Junior children came to school on book day dressed as their favourite book characters and happily spent the day reading extracts from their favourite books to eachother.

Using the Cambridge Curriculum in conjunction with the Study Technology, Greenfields has children from a very young age really enjoy reading and literacy.

World Book Day at Greenfields!

Cup Cake sale for Charity at Greenfields

Some of the seniors made cupcakes this week and sold them to raise money for a children’s charity (working on precept no 4 of The Way to Happiness )
Part of the Greenfields’ ethics and morals system is the use of The Way to Happiness, a universal moral code devised by L. Ron Hubbard, the developer of the Study Technology used in the school. This code forms the basis for moral behaviour in the school and consists of 21 precepts which children of all ages are encouraged to follow.The Way to Happiness is used in classroom environments and as a separate course.

Greenfields EFL Timetable 2017


Bookings being taken NOW – please pass it on to anyone
you know who may be interested!

We have a variety of programmes for international students including intensive study, excursions, activities and outings to London, Brighton and other modern and historical sites. Summer holiday programmes run from June to August, minimum stay 1 week. Group bookings welcome.  Boarding on school campus, rural location. Cost £595 per week.


WEEK 1 – Sunday 4th June to Saturday 10th June
Sun 4th June Arrival / Free Time Arrival / Bluewater Mall Arrival / Welcoming Evening
Monday 5th June Study Study Cookery Lesson
Tuesday 6th June Study Study / Sport Inside and Outside Games
Wednesday 7th June (full day) London Tour (B.Palace, Big Ben & Parliament) London Attraction / River Cruise London Shopping
Thursday 8th June Study Study / Sport In House Fashion Show (show your style)
Friday 9th June(half day) Educational Outing / Wakehurst Place Art / Assembly DVD / Cinema Night
Saturday 10th Junefull day) Brighton Brighton & Sea Life Centre Brighton Pier


WEEK 2 – Sunday 18th June to Saturday 24th June
Sunday 18th June (half day) Arrival / Free Time Arrival / Outside Games & Activities Arrival / Welcoming Evening
Monday 19th June Study Study Cookery Lesson / Forest Walk
Tuesday 20th June Study Study / Sport Bowling
Wednesday 21st June (full day) Hever Castle & Picnic Hever Castle & Picnic Inside and Outside Games
Thursday 22nd June Study Study / Sport Visit an English Supermarket
Friday 23rd June(half day) Educational Outing / East Grinstead Treasure Hunt Art / Assembly DVD / Cinema Night
Saturday 24th June (full day) Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge
WEEK 3 – Sunday 25th June to Saturday 1st July
Sunday 25th June (half day) Arrival / Free Time Arrival / Bluewater Mall Arrival / Welcoming Evening
Monday 26th June Study Study Cookery Lesson / Bonfire Night
Tuesday 27th June Study Study / Sport Forest Row Laser Tag
Wednesday 28th June (full day) Thorpe Park (Theme Park) Thorpe Park (Theme Park) Inside and Outside Games
Thursday 29th June Study Study / Sport Smith & Western (Ice cream in a Western restaurant)
Friday 30th June(half day) Educational Outing / Wakehurst Place Art / Assembly DVD / Cinema Night
Saturday 1st July(full day) London Tour (B.Palace, Big Ben & Parliament London Attraction / London Eye London Shopping


WEEK 4 – Sunday 2nd July to Saturday 8th July
Sunday 2nd July (half day) Arrival / Free Time Arrival / Tilgate Park Arrival / Welcoming Evening
Monday 3rd July Study Study Cookery Lesson/ Football Training
Tuesday 4th July Study Study / Sport Forest Treasure Hunt
Wednesday 5th July Brighton Brighton & Sea Life Centre Brighton Pier
Thursday 6th July Study Study / Sport In House Fashion Show (show your style)
Friday 7th July (half day) Educational Outing / East Grinstead Meet the locals Art / Study DVD / Cinema Night
Saturday 8th July (full day) London Tour (Natural History Museum) London Theatre London Shopping


WEEK 5 – Sunday 9th July to Saturday 15th July
Sunday 9th July(half day) Arrival / Free Time Arrival / Crawley Mall Arrival / Welcoming Evening
Monday 10th July Study Study Cookery Lesson / Forest Walk
Tuesday 11th July Study Study / Sport Bowling
Wednesday 12th July (full day) London Tour (B.Palace, Big Ben & Parliament London Attraction / Ripley’s Believe Me or Not! London Shopping
Thursday 13th July Study Study / Sport Smith & Western (Ice cream in a Western restaurant)
Friday 14th July(half day) Archery and Team building at Blacklands Farm Art / Study DVD / Cinema Night
Saturday 15th July (full day) Warwick Warwick Castle Warwick Castle


WEEK 6 – Sunday 16th July to Saturday 22nd July
Sunday 16th July (half day) Arrival / Free Time Arrival / Sheffield Park Arrival / Welcoming Evening
Monday 17th July Study Study Cookery Lesson / Bonfire Night
Tuesday 18th July Study Study / Sport Forest Row Laser Tag
Wednesday 19th July (full day) Chessington Chessington Inside and Outside Games
Thursday 20th July Study Study / Sport Crate Challenge at Blacklands Farm / then Supermarket
Friday 21st July (half day) Educational Outing / Chocolate Making Workshop Art / Study DVD / Cinema Night
Saturday 22nd July (full day) Oxford Tour Oxford University Oxford

WEEK 7 – Sunday 23rd July to Saturday 29th July

Sun 23rd July(half day) Arrival / Free Time Arrival / Bluewater Mall Arrival / Welcoming Evening
Monday 24thJuly Study Study Cookery Lesson / Football Training
Tuesday 25th July Study Study / Sport Inside and Outside Games
Wednesday 26th July (full day) London Tour (B.Palace, Big Ben & Parliament) Londo, River Cruise & St. Paul’s Cathedral London Shopping
Thursday 27th July Study Study / Sport Greenfields Theatre Company Play
Friday 28th July (half day) Educational Outing / Wakehurst Place Art / Study Cinema Night East Grinstead
Saturday 29th July (full day) Summer Fair at Greenfields Summer Fair at Greenfields Smith & Western + Bowling

WEEK 8 – Sunday 30th July to Saturday 5th August

Sunday 30th July (half day) Arrival / Free Time Arrival / Graduation Arrival / Prom (over 14’s) / Cinema (under 14’s)
Monday 31st July Study National Trust Excursion / Sheffield Park Bowling
Tuesday 1st August Study Hastings Tour Hastings & Adventure Golf
Wednesday 2nd August Study Climbing at Blacklands Farm Inside and Outside Games
Thursday 3rd August (full day) London Tour / Greenwich London Attraction / Greenwich Mean Time Picnic and Cutty Sark Ship London Shopping
Friday 4th August Study Educational Outing / East Grinstead Treasure Hunt In House Fashion Show (show your style)
Saturday 5th August (full day) Brighton Brighton – The Pavilion Brighton Pier


WEEK 9 – Sunday 6th August to Saturday 12th August
Sunday 6th August (half day) Arrival / Free Time Arrival / Crawley Mall Arrival / Welcoming Evening
Monday 7th August Study Bake an English Afternoon Cream Tea Badminton
Tuesday 8th August Study Hampton Court Palace Hampton Court Palace
Wednesday 9th August Study Crete Challenge & Team Building at Blacklands Farm Forest Walk and Games
Thursday 10th August (full day) London Tour (B.Palace, Big Ben & Parliament) London Attraction / Tower of London London Shopping
Friday 11th August (half day) Study Tully’s Farm Maze Visit an English Supermarket
Saturday 12th August (full day) Warwick Tour Warwick Castle Warwick

Greenfields Study Courses

Greenfields school attributes its success to its utilisation of the discoveries about studying and learning made by educator and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. He began his research into the field of study and education in the 1920’s and while assisting students in an exacting training programme in the 1960s, he did further extensive research and became aware of the absence of any systematic research and methodology on the subject of study itself. He accelerated and concluded his own investigation into how people learn and the difficulties they encounter in the process, eventually identifying the primary reasons people have any difficulty studying or learning.
From these discoveries, he went on to develop;

  • methods a student can use to effectively study any subject for real understanding
  • methods a teacher can employ to effectively teach any subject for real understanding
  • ways to avoid the primary causes of study difficulties
  • exactly how to identify and resolve study trouble when it does occur.

This organised body of study became known as Study Technology, the first subject which actually teaches one how to learn.
Consider what you, the reader, would be like if you understood all the subjects you had studied and could use all the information – maths, grammar, music, photography, physics, and so on. Or, at the very least, were completely confident that you could pick up and study any subject and be able to apply that knowledge straight away.
Greenfields students have that opportunity.

From an early age students at Greenfields become familiar with the Study Technology, as delivered through the Study Technology courses beginning with ‘Learning How to Learn’ and progressing through ‘How to Use a Dictionary’ and the ‘Grammar and Communication’ course. In the Upper School, senior students complete the ‘Study Skills for Life’ course and the ‘Basic Study Manual’, both of which have internships to ensure that they become adept at applying the technology.

Greenfields offers FREE Educational Assessments and Individual Programmes to any child. Fees start from £59 per week meaning that this exceptional private school education is available to almost everyone. Please contact us for more details or arrange a tour of the school.

More about Study Technology at:

Teaching Infants and Juniors at Greenfields

Greenfields Unique Study Methods and the Junior, Infant and Nursery School

Being aware of the powerful workability of the Study Technology* used by the school clearly gives us a responsibility for the correct application of it to our students. But how is this done with younger children? How is this technology applied to a 10 year old in say, Maths?

There is not a teacher alive who has not seen a student giggling, doodling, messing about or staring into space. The truth is that every one of these phenomena and many more besides are caused by the misunderstood word (a word which is not understood or wrongly understood) Of course, the student will swear blind that he has none of these at all, that he or she has perfectly understood every word that he or she has just read, that he or she is “just a bit tired”, “did not sleep” or “that was only…”.

All of these excuses and comments can be quietly but thoroughly ignored. The golden rule is that unless the student is calmly and interestedly at his work, there is something he or she missed. Without fail, a misunderstood word or term is found to be at the bottom of the trouble.

Another action that we have found to be salutary is word clearing on the most obvious words relating to school subjects. For example, a student continually loses one or more of their exercise books. About 10 minutes of the lesson could be lost while there is a search for these items.

The teacher then refers to a glossary of all the lesson names, plus key words in each subject of only about 12 words (including maths, comprehension, punctuation, grammar, fractions) in length. When the misunderstood word is found and cleared the result is: brightness, happiness, genuine smiles and a greatly increased understanding of and affinity for the subject. And the student no longer “misplaces” his or her materials!

Our first priority is the handling of the misunderstood word on the student as he or she goes along. Following that is the action of getting the child able to find words that are not understood fully on his or her own, and clear them himself or herself.

With these and other tools, Greenfields addresses a range of learning and experience that is far broader than any state-prescribed curriculum.

*Study Technology was developed by American author and educator L. Ron Hubbard™ and it allows a person to learn any subject successfully. Study Technology consists of tools and techniques teachers can use to improve the learning rates of students. These same tools and techniques can be used by students themselves to improve their ability to understand and to use the materials they read and study. And it remains vital for continued learning as one leaves school and faces the challenges of life. For educators, Study Technology offers proven teaching strategies and resources that can help resolve classroom issues and improve student achievement. Study Technology is the breakthrough that undercuts the reasons people are illiterate. It is not just another system. Study Technology is a workable methodology that makes it possible for a person to recognize and handle the barriers to successful study. More at

Former Greenfields Students find success in the Arts

Greenfields has a strong track record for helping to nurture the creativeness of its students. Whether via is own Theatre Company, Rock School or by making professional artists available for tuition, the result is that many of its former students have gone into theatre, film production, design, photography, music and many other arts. Here are some updates on some of them:

Omayma Ramzey – Hollywood makeup artist

“I was very lucky I went to Greenfields School. They have an amazing arts department. In the last three weeks of the year we would do theatre production. They put on Pride and Prejudice one year and they had a costume department where I was helping my teacher make dresses. It was amazing.”

Omayma is now living in LA where she runs her own company called Omayma Inc., providing make-up, clothing and styling services to the stars. She has also worked on music videos and numerous TV commercials including for Ford and Samsung.

The daughter of Hossam Ramzy – an Egyptian percussionist who has provided music for artists such as Shakira, Led Zeppelin and Ricky Martin – Omayma started out with an interest in fashion when she attended Greenfields School in Forest Row.

After Greenfields, Omayma gained a degree in fine art at the City and Guilds of London Art School. But she credits her time at Greenfields School with giving her the buzz for fashion, which has led her to her glamorous career.

Ali Helnwein – Musician and Orchestra Founder

“I remember some of my earliest musical memories being at Greenfields. I greatly enjoyed the lessons and learned a lot from them, which in turn helped prompt me to pursue a career as a composer conductor – now having my own chamber orchestra. Using study technology (A method that helps children learn and to retain and use what they have learned) helped me a lot in my early studies and I continue to use it every day. Knowing how to study, makes it possible to learn what I need to and want to know in order to achieve my artistic goals.”

Ali is an Emmy winning composer and has orchestrated Grammy winning projects.
He composed all the music for 13 “Touch of Evil” short films, featuring Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Kirsten Dunst, Ryan Gosling, Gary Oldman, Glenn Close, Jessica Chastain, Rooney Mara, Mia Wasikowska, Michael Shannon, Viola Davis, Jean Dujardin and Adepero Oduye.

In 2006 he founded the Traction Avenue Chamber Orchestra, which he has been successfully conducting since. The orchestra has become known for showing up in places where one normally wouldn’t expect an orchestra, premiering new works, and playing to new audiences — performing in places such as a skatepark, a Chinatown Alley, the rooftop of the Standard, etc.

Joanna Bessey – Top Malaysian actress

“I have found study technology to be invaluable not only when I was in school but in life in general and I continue to use it on a daily basis. I have had a successful career as an actress in both the theatre and television, including hosting a programme for BBC World News recently called ‘Exploring Malaysia’. There is no question that study technology has and does help me in accomplishing all these endeavours, as my ability to truly comprehend and therefore fully apply myself is achieved with study technology. It even helps with learning my lines rapidly!”

Joanna is the star of hit Malaysian comedy series Kopitiam and has appeared in over 200 episodes of television, 6 TV movies, 5 feature films, commercials with 2 major celebrity endorsements, voice-over work for commercials and animated series and numerous theatre productions.

Felix Kunze – International photographer

“The most valuable skill I took away from Greenfields is the ability to learn any subject I set my sights on. The school gives you the tools you need to learn about life and actually USE the knowledge you attain. The attainment of knowledge takes a back seat to the USE of knowledge, which is invaluable.”

Felix is an international world class portrait photographer whose work is often featured in magazines and events and in the portfolios of celebrities.

From his base in London, Felix travels for projects all around the globe. As well as providing some photo assistance for Annie Leibovitz in New York, he shoots a lot of portraiture as well as assignments for agencies like Getty Images, WireImage, the Redferns Music Library, Getty Travel and others, including celebrity portraits at ContourPhotos.

Shannon Tarbet – British TV and Theatre Actress

“From attending Greenfields School at such a young age I have been given a strong sense of my own integrity and belief in my competence going into any career field. If it hadn’t been for growing up in such a positive and supportive environment I don’t think I would have thought of myself being in the position I’m in today. Greenfields is a great exemplification of how important support is and I cannot thank the staff and my fellow pupils enough! At Greenfields I learned to love studying and that was because of the study tech used in this school helping me to fully grasp each subject. When you really apply something as simple as “clearing your misunderstood words” – no subject appears as a challenge anymore. Studying becomes a game! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute I spent at Greenfields, and am very grateful for the tech this school has provided me with to flourish and prosper in life!”

Shannon first came to public attention in 2010 with her critically acclaimed professional stage debut as Delilah Evans in Spur of the Moment by Anya Reiss at the Royal Court Theatre in London where she was shortlisted for the Evening Standard Outstanding Newcomer in 2010.

Her second theatre performance was in Mogadishu by Vivienne Franzmann at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester which then transferred to the Lyric Theatre in London in 2011. Shannon won the Manchester Theatre Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her performance in Mogadishu and has made appearances in episodes BBC programs such as Silk, Lewis, Monroe, Inspector George Gently and many others.

Gabriel Philips Sanchez – award winning international Lighting Designer

“Greenfields gave me the opportunity to discover an art form that not many people notice – Lighting. If anything, my story shows what you can really achieve if you put your mind to it. And the answer is anything. For example, Greenfields Theatre Company – always pushing the boundaries of what can be done in such a short time scale, GTC showed me that a brilliant team can be more of an asset than a large budget. I am thrilled to be creating on lighting every day for my living, and Greenfields helped me discover this.”

Gabriel designs and installs lighting for concerts, dance shows, musicals and drama on an international level, and is manager of his own company, GPS Lighting.

Assaff Rawner – MD of Mark Roberts Motion Control

“Before coming to Greenfields I had been out of school for several months. I didn’t want to go to school anymore, I was bored with it. When I started at Greenfields, I was able to study at my own speed at each of the different levels I was at in the subjects. This allowed me to excel in certain subjects and my desire to study increased dramatically. As a result, I studied a lot of different subjects, doing exams in everything from cookery to computing, but what I enjoyed the most was electronic engineering. Needless to say after finishing my A Levels at Greenfields, electronic engineering at university was a breeze and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

MRM Motion Control is a revolutionary special effects company for the film industry used in most major films such as ‘the Matrix’, ‘Avatar’, ‘Harry Potter’ etc. Winners of a technical Oscar at the Academy Awards Hollywood 1999.

Lucy Renouf – Ballet Dancer

“I would like to let you know my appreciation for the wonderful Study Technology I have learnt here at Greenfields. Previously I found learning a chore. Now, I enjoy learning new things and taking on any task which is thrown at me”

Lucy is the most recent graduate to be mentioned here and left Greenfields to study at the Laine Theatre Arts in London in 2014. Despite her youth she is already making an impact in the dance world where she continues to excel.