Personal Growth

At Greenfields we believe that the school should greatly help in making each child become a valuable, responsible member of society. This means that we want to do everything that we can to help prepare them for adulthood. The school and the parents are encouraged to work together to ensure that the individual child is not only academically achieving but also succeeding socially and emotionally.

House Teams

The Senior Students are allocated a house team when they enrol at Greenfields. The three houses are Romans, Trojans and Spartans. During the school year the students are awarded points for various activities such as sporting matches, academic achievements, volunteering, assisting a teacher and more. The students have to work as a team and at the end of the school year the winning team is awarded the house cup and a reward for their hard work. This encourages a sense of community and teamwork.


Every other week there is a lesson for the students on Careers. It is during this time that the students are enlightened on the various industries in which they could work. Guest speakers are invited to explain about their professions. The students are also interviewed and given some help and direction in what their plans are when they leave school and how they are going to achieve their goals.

PVBA (Personal Values, Beliefs and Attitudes)

In the Senior School, there is a lesson every week which covers a range of topics from different religions, world events, politics, drug education, sex education, human rights and more.

This is a great opportunity for the students to expand their knowledge of the world and to engage in conversations about those things that might otherwise not be discussed freely.

It is during this time that the students also learn about the principles in The Way to Happiness, which is a non-religious moral code, designed for people to read and use in order to live happily with others. To find out more, please click here.

Student Consultant

In the Senior School, the Student Consultant deals sensitively and expertly with student behavioural issues and oversees the moral, social and cultural development of the students. She is on hand to assist and support the students with any non-academic issues that they may have. To find out more, please click here.