Greenfields Theatre Company

Greenfields has art in its blood. Here, children can be educated in an environment which is not only beautiful in itself but which values aesthetics.

The Greenfields Theatre Company (GTC) is a well-established part of the Senior school which is formed in the final three weeks of the Summer Term each year and is looked forward to enthusiastically by both students and staff.

Providing that their academic targets have been met, senior students are invited to participate in GTC, which puts on a full-scale theatrical production with several performances each July as part of the school’s Gala Weekend and end-of-year celebration.

Beginning in Year 7, GTC gives the option for students to choose not only acting roles on stage but also behind-the-scenes jobs ranging from props, costumes, lighting and sound, stage management, carpentry and machine-work to promotional design, ticket-selling and accountancy. Students can vary their choices throughout their years of involvement and gain ‘hands-on’ experience with each aspect of theatre production under supervision from the Drama department and senior teachers since academics are halted for this time. The productions have become well-known for their quality and professionalism.

GTC also provides a career training platform (many former students have gone on to careers in the theatrical, media and related industries) throughout the Senior School.

GTC builds communication, honesty, teamwork and professionalism and leaves students with a tremendous sense of accomplishment and achievement. It is a vital part of what Greenfields is all about.

Recent productions include:

2017: An Orphan’s Tale
2016: 7 Guys for 7 Gals
2015: Nanny McPhee
2014: Comedy of Terrors
2013: Peter Pan
2012: The Three Musketeers
2011: The 39 Steps
2010: The Hound of the Baskervilles
2009: Shakespeare in Love
2008: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
2007: Robin Hood
2006: Wuthering Heights
2005: Pride and Prejudice
2004: It’s a Wonderful Life
2003: The Hobbit
2002: Animal Farm
2001: A Midsummer Night’s Dream