The creative arts lie at the core of Greenfields – we have a particular focus on encouraging students to demonstrate strong creative skills in writing, art, drama, dance and music.

It’s possible to have academic accomplishments side by side with artistic endeavour. In the Senior School, the children are given many opportunities to expand their artistic knowledge and skills. Many of our students go on to pursue careers in the creative arts.


The Senior Drama Department aims to engender confidence in all students so that they may be able to stand up in front of others and perform. Through drama, students learn to plan and deliver a project as a group and hence learn to work as a team.

We aim to enable students to pursue a career in the performing arts if they wish and we have had many students go on to do so.

Greenfields Theatre Company

The Greenfields Theatre Company (GTC) is a well-established part of the Senior school which is formed in the final three weeks of the Summer Term each year and is looked forward to enthusiastically by both students and staff.

Providing that their academic targets have been met, senior students are invited to participate in GTC, which puts on a full-scale theatrical production with several performances each July as part of the school’s Gala Weekend, the end-of-year celebration. To find out more, please click here.


The Senior Art Department believes that individual creativity is an essential part of education, providing an important vehicle to nurture the creativity, passion and individuality of each student. The students are given the chance to embrace a wide range of media and disciplines and to respond to the work of other artists. This includes fine art, abstract art, photography, sculpture, ceramics and more.


In Year 10 and 11, students are given the opportunity to take Photography as an IGCSE. This includes an introduction to various photographic techniques, learning the history of photography and exploring this wonderful medium.


In Years 7-9 the children have music lessons every week, where they are encouraged to explore rhythm, musical composition, a range of instruments and improve their singing. Private music lessons can be arranged.


Children have the opportunity to take part in private dance classes, to find out more, please click here.