The Arts

The creative arts lie at the core of Greenfields. From age 2 years old, children are introduced to all forms of art and this progresses and is built upon as they go through the years until they are 18 years old.


In the lead up to Christmas, the Infants and Junior students prepare for their annual play. The children sing, act and dance in their highly anticipated production, which is attended by many friends and family. A lot of preparation goes into putting on a wonderful show as well as making the props, scenery and costumes.


The children are continually working on their artistic skills and art is incorporated into many subjects. Not only is this fun, but it also assists in the learning process.


Children attend weekly music lessons, where they can begin to develop their basic musical skills and singing. Private music lessons can be arranged.


Children have the opportunity to take part in private dance classes, to find out more, please visit the page on Dance.