Qualifications Department

The Qualifications Department is a feature unique to Greenfields School.

It contains qualified and experienced staff who are responsible for the quality of delivery across the whole school.

Being non-selective, Greenfields School provides additional facilities to support and encourage children of all abilities. It is here in Qual, where children are thoroughly assessed and individual tailor-made programmes are written.

Using the worldwide system of assessments developed by Cambridge International Examinations, a body overseen by the internationally renowned Cambridge University, each student’s individual academic performance is monitored and is then able to be compared to results internally and with other Cambridge schools in the UK and in other countries. It is therefore very important that we assess our students throughout the school year so that we can monitor their progress and parents can also see the detailed breakdown of how their child is doing academically.

“One of the most remarkable things about Greenfields is the Study Technology. Looking up the meanings of words as you go makes things so much easier to study and understand.” M.O — Student

In some cases, children may need one-to-one tuition, this is charged at an hourly rate and is conveniently incorporated into your child’s day. This one-to-one tuition has achieved wonderful results and has caught children up in their studies when in their prior school they were behind and struggling.

‘Qual’, as it is known, is the department that issues certificates, reviews and remedies student progress, trains and corrects staff as needed and ensures that the school is adding value both broadly and on an individual level. It is a ‘safe harbour’ and is a friendly and caring place for students and staff alike.