The Juniors consist of Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Your child will benefit from small class sizes and one-to-one attention – on average a class is 1 teacher to 8-10 children. The teachers are friendly, caring and passionate about educating each child and helping them fulfill their true potential.

The internationally renowned Cambridge curriculum continues in the Juniors providing a pathway of coordinated materials which we use to add educational value at every stage. Each child is assessed before they join the school and several times throughout the school year so tailor-made programmes can be made to suit each individual child. If your child is advancing quickly, then they can be challenged with more advanced work and if they need extra support, then they can receive the assistance that they need to resolve any problems and move forward.


In this age of television and computer games Greenfields is aware of the importance of vocabulary building and reading. We have an excellent reading programme which starts in the Infants, continues throughout Juniors and into the Lower Seniors. Ever wider reading is constantly encouraged.


The children learn how to write stories, poems, instructions, letters, reports, etc. They study and analyse the writings of others to help stimulate their own creative writing.

Handwriting is taught with the aim of each student acquiring a neat, legible, cursive style through continuous practise in the Junior years, and students also complete a Grammar and Communication Course which provides a wonderful foundation for all later education.


The Juniors follow the Cambridge Primary Maths curriculum. This is supplemented with an in-house maths scheme, which comprises individual booklets and a series of class games and activities for each year. The intention is to instil in children a lasting enjoyment of maths and problem solving.


This subject is taught in projects. The first steps are an introduction to simple concepts such as weather, the human body and simple machines. In the next class, children study more of the actual biological and physical environment such as plant life and sound. In the older Junior classes, the students begin simple experiments and observations related to everyday life and the world around them.


The children enjoy sports lessons twice a week, whether outside on the tennis courts, football pitch or inside in our newly built gymnasium.

“I can honestly say there is something very special about Greenfields. It has been an absolute pleasure to send my children off to school in the morning and know that they are truly learning for themselves.” A.L — Parent

Additional Information

Additional subjects such as Geography, History, Art and ICT all form part of the Year 3-6 timetables.

In the Junior classes, Science, Maths, Art, Sport and ICT are sometimes taught by specialist teachers.

One of the main differences between Greenfields and any other schools is that we teach children how to learn. The junior students take courses that give them the tools to overcome any barriers that they may come across when studying and enable them to fully understand the information that they have learnt and actually use it. To find out more, please click here.

The ethos of the school is continually commented on – the calm, friendly and family-like feel is tangible. One of the contributing factors to this is the lessons that are taught weekly on The Way to Happiness. This is a secular moral code which can be applied by anyone of any race or religion. It forms the basis for moral behaviour in the school and has precepts such as ‘Try To Treat Others As You Would Want Them To Treat You’. To find out more, please click here.

At break times, the children get to make the most of the beautiful setting, as the playground is located in the Ashdown Forest. This year a brand new outdoor decking has been built in the forest. This provides an inspirational place for the children to learn, play and use their imagination.


The school day begins at 9am and finished at 3pm.

Extra Curricular

The extracurricular activities are from 3pm to 4pm daily. There are also some activities during lunch times. These activities change every half term and are charged as an additional cost.


Indoor Games Club
Outdoor Games Club
Arts & Crafts Club
Make it Club
Spanish Club
Cooking Club
Social Skills & Manners Club
Drama Club
Checkers to Chess Club
Football Club
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