English as a Foreign Language

At Greenfields we have a very comprehensive English as a Foreign Language Programme for children of all ages, every nationality and any level of English.

The Senior school and Lower School both have their own separate English as a Foreign Language classes.

When a foreign child first arrives at the school we test their level of English and from there we can determine the programme that they will need in order to join the mainstream school. Most foreign students join the English as a Foreign Language class first.

During this time they focus intensively on learning and improving their English. They will also take part in some other lessons which do not involve too much written English. When the child has improved their English to the correct level, they will then be assessed in Maths and Science to determine which class they will join.

They can then proceed with their full education in English and work towards taking their examinations. Our process is extremely successful with foreign students, as it ensures that they have a thorough grasp of the English Language before they proceed to study in-depth, specific subjects in English. If children are just placed into regular English classes then we have found that they struggle and do not progress well.

“One of the most remarkable things about Greenfields is the Study Technology. Looking up the meanings of words as you go makes things so much easier to study and understand.” M.O — Student

On a daily basis, your child will get direct, almost one-to-one attention using the world-renowned Cambridge Global English curriculum, which means that they are getting the best possible preparation for further studies. The Cambridge curriculum is used throughout the entire school, which provides a pathway to a coveted British university education.

During their time in the EFL class, they will also get the opportunity to experience England by going on excursions to popular cities such as London and visiting historical sites, museums and more.

For those that are 11 years old and above, they can also board in our on-site boarding house.

We are also one of the few independent schools in the UK to offer an all-year-round Long or Short Term EFL Programme. Your child can come to Greenfields at any point in the year to study English from as little as 1 week.

Please click here for more information about the Short Term Programme.