The Infants consist of Year 1 and Year 2. It is in these classes that the children build on the firm foundations laid in the Reception class. It is from Year 1 that the world-renowned Cambridge Curriculum is used; which means that your child is studying material which will be built upon year after year all the way through to Advanced Levels.

Your child will benefit from small class sizes and more one-to-one attention. Assessment is continuous so a child can be challenged and move ahead or be assisted to stay on target.

It is in the Infants that reading and writing really starts to take off and the children move rapidly through a series of carefully graded books and other material designed to enhance and stretch their skills. They address spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation, reading and writing, presentation, speaking and listening. They are given many opportunities to write and take pride in presenting a neat piece of work. Maths is taught traditionally with emphasis on knowing and understanding basic arithmetic.

The Infants Science Curriculum is topic based and involves many practical aspects, which are not only fun but educational.

Other subjects are introduced in these classes and incorporated into the timetable as topics of study.

The children enjoy sports lessons twice a week, whether outside on the tennis courts, football pitch or inside in our newly built gymnasium.

Every step of the way, the focus is on adding value to your child’s educational experience.


The school day begins at 9am and finishes at 3pm. There are extra curricular activities from 3pm to 4pm daily.

Extra Curricular

The extracurricular activities are from 3pm to 4pm daily. There are also some activities during lunch times. These activities change every half term and are charged as an additional cost.