Greenfields Theatre Company Production a Comedy of Terrors

This year’s GTC (Greenfields Theatre Company) performances were very special as the script of ‘A COMEDY OF TERRORS’ was written for the school by best-selling author ROGER ELLORY. Mr Ellory himself attended two of the shows and was reportedly very happy to see his play made real.

gtc-comedy-rightThe story was, as the title suggests, a concatenation of errors and misunderstandings on the part of various villains and detectives and not-so-innocent bystanders. These included Russian gangsters, some idiot sidekicks, an assassin called Ice Cold Ingrid, a night club master criminal, Hercules Parrot (from Belgian) and Inspector Lampost (a twit from England).

The play also delighted the audience with references to Hitchcock films and Monty Python among others.

The children, as always, made it completely their own; they spent the three weeks leading up to the production of the play under the brilliant guidance of their director Maria Bird and took responsibility for every aspect of the show, with teachers standing by in a supervisory capacity only.

All tickets were sold out well before the opening night. Videos can be seen on the school Facebook page: