A few words Greenfields School Alumni

How did Greenfields methods help us?

Shannon Tarbet – Actress.shannon-tarbet

Shannon came to public attention in 2010 with her critically acclaimed professional stage debut as Delilah Evans in Spur of the Moment at the Royal Court Theatre in London where she was  shortlisted for the Evening Standard Award for Outstanding Newcomer. In 2011 she has performed in Mogadishu at the Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester and Lyric Theatre in London as well as in episodes of the BBC’s courtroom Silk, Granada Television’s crime series Lewis, ITV’s new medical drama Monroe and the BBC’s Inspector George Gently.

“From attending Greenfields School at such a young age I have been given a strong sense of my own integrity and belief in my competence going into any career field. If it hadn’t been for growing up in such a positive and supportive environment I don’t think I would have thought of myself being in the position I’m in today. Greenfields is a great exemplification of how important support is and I cannot thank the staff and my fellow pupils enough! At Greenfields I learned to love studying and that was because of the study tech used in this school helping me to fully grasp each subject. When you really apply something as simple as “clearing your misunderstood words” – no subject appears as a challenge anymore. Studying becomes a game! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute I spent at Greenfields, and am very grateful for the tech this school has provided me with to flourish and prosper in life!”

alumni-joannaJoanna BesseyTop Malaysian actress, star of hit comedy series Kopitiam
She has starred in more than 200 television series, TV movies, feature films, commercials and plays.

“I have found ‘study technology’ to be invaluable not only when I was in school but life in general and I continue to use it on a daily basis.

I am currently directing a Broadway musical here [Malaysia] in our national theatre, Istana Budaya and have had a successful career as an actress in both the theatre and television, including hosting a programme for BBC World News last year, ‘Exploring Malaysia’.

There is no question that study technology has and does help me in accomplishing all these endeavours, as my ability to truly comprehend and therefore fully apply myself is achieved with study technology. It even helps with learning my lines rapidly!

In school I got great results in my exams but more importantly, in life, it has given me a powerful tool which is the ability to fully grasp knowledge which in turn, increases my skill.”

alumni-aliAli Helnwein – Musician and founder of the L.A. based Traction Avenue Chamber Orchestra. His music has been heard on TV and Radio, in venues such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and has been performed by world class musicians, including principal members of orchestras such as the LA Philharmonic and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra.

“I remember some of my earliest musical memories being at Greenfields. I greatly enjoyed the lessons and learned a lot from them, which in turn helped prompt me to pursue a career as a composer conductor – now having my own chamber orchestra. Using study technology helped me a lot in my early studies and I continue to use it every day. Knowing how to study, makes it possible to learn what I need to and want to know in order to achieve my artistic goals.”

alumni-choloeChloe Wicks – former Head Girl currently studying at Oxford

“I have personally found that the Study Technology is truly one of the most helpful things a child, or an adult for that matter, can learn. It offers the tools to sharpen one’s ability to read, write and communicate well. No child is deemed stupid or backward or dyslexic at Greenfields or less than perfectly capable of understanding and applying what they have learnt if put at the right level and given the right tools. This is more than a technique – it is a whole attitude towards learning.”

alumni-nikilanikNiki LanikRacing Driver – winner of three championships to date, including the European Porsche championship.

“Study Tech enabled me to understand those things which I wanted to understand. I’ve always had a love for engines and cars, and I would create real-life problems and try and solve them with what I learnt. Knowing Study Tech I knew that I could fully be able to understand and apply what I am learning about. I’m involved with a lot of other things in life than racing, such as business, management and also charity work. In all these subjects I witness plenty of phenomena solvable with knowledge if the study technology and I apply that knowledge to improve things wherever I can.”

alumni-felixFelix Kunze – International, award winning, free lance photographer

“The most valuable skill I took away from Greenfields is the ability to learn any subject I set my sights on. The school gives you the tools you need to learn about life and actually USE the knowledge you attain. The attainment of knowledge takes a back seat to the USE of knowledge, which is invaluable.”
alumni-joshgouldJosh Gould – Musician. Currently recording 3rd album and on tour in the US

“Everything I learned of the study tech is still of value to me because I was allowed to specialize in what I WANTED to learn.”

alumni-assaffrawnerAssaff Rawner – MD of Mark Roberts Motion Control – a revolutionary special effects company for the film industry used in most major films such as ‘the Matrix’, ‘Avatar’, ‘Harry Potter’ etc. Winners of a technical Oscar at the Academy Awards Hollywood 1999.

“Before coming to Greenfields I had been out of school for several months. I didn’t want to go to school anymore, I was bored with it. When I started at Greenfields, I was able to study at my own speed at each of the different levels I was at in the subjects. This allowed me to excel in certain subjects and my desire to study increased dramatically. As a result, I studied a lot of different subjects, doing exams in everything from cookery to computing, but what I enjoyed the most was electronic engineering. Needless to say after finishing my A Levels at Greenfields, electronic engineering at university was a breeze and I’ve been doing it ever since.

alumni-irinaIrina Reinhard – Pattern designer in the Swiss fashion industry,

“What has been vital for me is being able to understand what I study and to learn anything I want due to simply knowing how to clear words and use the study technology!”


alumni-gabrielGabriel Philips Sanchez – award winning international Lighting Designer for concerts, dance shows, musicals and drama and manager of his own company, GPS Lighting.

“Greenfields gave me the opportunity to discover an art form that not many people notice – Lighting. If anything, my story shows what you can really achieve if you put your mind to it. And the answer is anything.

Take for example Greenfields Theatre Company. Always pushing the boundaries of what can be done in such a short time scale, GTC showed me that a brilliant team can be more of an asset than a large budget. As many of you well know, I come back to GTC every year to help them achieve any and every effect required for the show.

I can say that hands down, this group of students care for each other more than any professional production company I have worked with.

I am thrilled to be creating on lighting every day for my living, and Greenfields helped me discover this.

alumni-alexholdenAlex Jonas Holden 2011 Graduate, writer and web designer.

“I moved to Forest Row 11 years ago for family reasons. On the recommendation of a family friend, I went to look at a little place called Greenfields. The story my parents always say clinched it for them was a day, less than a week into my enrolment at Greenfields, when they picked me up and asked me how school was, and I said “Great”.

Great? To me, school had always been this big inefficient machine where students are shoved in a sardine can and have knowledge thrown at them in the hope that a fraction of it sticks. At Greenfields I had found a different approach to learning based on consulting a student’s understanding. This was new. This fitted me well. I thought “Great!”

I could say that I loved it, but the truth is actually more interesting: the Study Technology used at Greenfields meant that I found something really weird happened over the next three years. I grew in knowledge, I grew in confidence, I grew in determination to be who I am – and nothing stopped me. There were no barriers to learning for me; there were no barriers to being me.”