Graduate Successes 2016

KIEREN SOAMES Graduate with Honours 

Hi, my name is Kieren Soames and I have been attending Greenfields School for the last thirteen years. My entire education has been accomplished here at Greenfields, starting from the Reception class all the way through to the end of Sixth Form.

At a random glance, Greenfields may seem like a typical, small private school, which is true, and yet there is so much more that only those who have attended here will know and appreciate.

It is genuinely like a big family, it is extremely easy to get along with each other, and you know you can easily go to the teachers with any problems. I think that this is something I have assumed to be a normality, but I know that isn’t the case.

The use of Study Technology has definitely helped me throughout my time here. There have definitely been times when I have taken it for granted, but the moment I put it to use it clears up my problem. It is a tool, which when used correctly, has allowed me to duplicate some very complicated concepts. I would like to thank L. Ron. Hubbard for giving us Study Technology.

To all the teachers that have ever taught me, I thank you all very much for your persistence, attention, and care you gave whilst teaching. I can’t acknowledge all of you, as much as I would love to show my appreciation, but this speech would last far too long.

I will be going on to pursue my chosen career of novel writing and I plan on using everything I have learnt here to assist in this career.

ALEX BUSTAMANTE – Graduate with Honours 

Hello, my name is Alex Bustamante and I’ve been at Greenfields for seven years. Before I came to Greenfields, I was considered barely teachable. I was actually put in special needs for some time, simply because no one understood that I’d hit a barrier to study. I could tell at the time I didn’t belong in that group, but the decision coming from supposedly professional adults made me consider that there was something wrong with me, which was not good for my confidence, and left a large void of any sort of future purpose or career in my thoughts

Greenfields was monumental in helping me realise my love for film, and develop my passion for it. Specifically, it was Study Technology and the staff that taught and enforced it that helped me so much. Suddenly, if I yawned, felt angry, or slumped down on my chair like I’d just been transformed into some kind of gelatinous fluid, I knew exactly how to handle it.

I progressed through my studies at speeds I didn’t think I could ever manage, and I am proud of the results I received for my GCSE’s and AS level exams, and with any luck, I’ll be proud of the final exams I have just completed.

I am now preparing to go to the University for the Creative Arts, the second best arts-providing university in Europe. I am going there because I know what I want to achieve, which is to create films, and make this my professional career.

Yevgeniya Filchenkova – Graduate with Honours   

Before I came to Greenfields, I was stuck in a school where teachers didn’t care about me, all they cared about was for their students to get good grades. I never succeeded at my old school, I was always treated like a bad student, but simply, they were bad teachers. I was always told I was useless at art, and when I produced something I was proud of, my art teacher said that it was too good for it to be mine. Slowly my dreams of becoming an artist disappeared, as I started to believe, no one likes what I create.

When I came to Greenfields about 6 years ago for the summer programme, I fell in love with everything here. Being at Greenfields opened my eyes to a whole new level of education, where students are free to ask questions and the teacher will answer them, where students are able to be themselves, where teachers look for the right approach to every student. The full application of Study Technology has helped me understand my subjects fully and be able to apply what I have learned.

Being at Greenfields made me want to learn more, strive for better, become a better person, work on my weaknesses and most of all, have fun while studying, even the most boring things. I want to thank every teacher who ever taught me.

Greenfields is a special place in many different ways. But one thing that I will cherish forever, is Greenfields Theatre Company, the experience that we get, is truly special. We are taught many different things and skills. GTC is the reason why I want to proceed with my chosen career of stage management and technical theatre. I will always be thankful to everyone who makes GTC possible, thank you for your hard work and dedication. We appreciate it.

My plan for next year is to go to LAMDA to study technological theatre in London to further my career as a stage manager. Greenfields taught me many things that will help me later in life. I now can stand tall and proud and call Greenfields home.

Joe Todd – Graduate

Hello, my name is Joe Todd and I’ve been studying at Greenfields for the majority or my life, 10 years to be precise. When I joined this school I was just a little boy but immediately I observed the space around the school and how everyone got on with each other.

Going through the years, I realised that this wasn’t like any other school. Obviously, born into Study Technology, I knew what a misunderstood word was but I didn’t know the effects that this thing could cause. Until the school brought me this book called “Learning how to Learn”. Going from the title, I was certain I didn’t need this book. “Learning how to learn? I know how to do that” I thought, and that I knew everything but obviously I did not. At first, I didn’t believe that a word could make you physically yawn or make you doodle onto a piece of paper, but I started to look around the room. My good friend David, was yawning like no tomorrow and I instantly spotted it and the teacher went straight over there and helped him, ever since then we became friends.

When I was in year 5, I wanted to try out another school other than Greenfields. I thought that I needed more people around me and that a bigger school would help. It definitely didn’t. See, if someone ever leaves Greenfields, they really see how lucky they are to be here. For me, it’s home and personally I don’t ever want to leave.

Now, I hope all the younger students can flourish and prosper like I did and will continue to do so. Thank you all for being here today and I know for certain my future will be bright.

Aliya Kallaeva – Graduate 

Hello everyone, my name is Aliya and I came to this school at the age of 10, 6 years ago. I came over from Russia to learn English, I chose the school because my cousin was here too.

Greenfields was friendlier than my school in Russia, the students were much closer to each other and to the teachers. There are smaller classes at Greenfields so you get more attention and are able to get more help. I thought that it would be extremely difficult to learn in a new language, and that I would have to leave because I wouldn’t be able to make it… well guess what… I made it. I’m standing on this stage after Greenfields taught me how to learn by using the Study Technology.

Our GCSEs seemed like a piece of cake because we knew how to study and we did.

I am now going to a college in Cambridge to pursue my love of Art.  I want to thank all the staff who helped me get through my education.

David Lockey – Graduate 

I first joined Greenfields when I was eight years old. When I first arrived I could see how happy everyone was and the atmosphere the school created. I knew immediately this school was different. In my last school I wasn’t learning anything and found it really difficult to focus on my work. I also spent a lot of time protecting my friends who were being bullied.

Greenfields is a very friendly school and has a very safe environment. When I first arrived I was welcomed by the group very fast which boosted my confidence. Many of the pupils here are close friends of mine and I am sure we will continue to remain friends after leaving school.

Qual [the part of the school that corrects and helps students] has helped me a lot over the years especially with all of my football injuries. If I was struggling with my work I went to Qual. At first I thought it was a waste of time and I didn’t want to go but once I was there I got word clearing [a method of looking up words and making them understood] and was introduced to Study Technology. After receiving word clearing I was flying through my work again. The Study Technology has helped me to study by myself because I learned about the different methods you use when self-studying so that I could handle myself when learning my subjects.

GTC [Greenfields Theatre Company] took me out of my comfort zone but developed me as a person and I am now able to perform confidently, this is something that I will definitely miss about this school.

I will miss Greenfields a lot and will not forget all of the great memories.