Graduate Successes 2015

Henry Kennard Graduate with Honours
Henry Kennard
Graduate with Honours

Ten years in the same place, and a lot of people at other schools may start to get bored but for me that was never the case. The atmosphere at the school, and the friends I had and have, made every year different and worthwhile. Honestly, some of the funniest years of my life were in the Sixth Form, which took a lot of the tension away from studies and exams and made the whole experience really enjoyable.

I came to Greenfields from a school where bullying was becoming increasingly more of a problem and ended up influencing my behaviour to the point where I was incredibly self-conscious. Greenfields changed that. The longer I came here, the more I felt at ease about being myself and saying what I wanted to say without reservation for other people’s opinion or judgement, which was a huge change and a relief in comparison to my previous school-life. As a result, I feel able and equipped with both, the fundamentals and the education I need for my future and whatever that may hold. Being lucky enough to go to a school with Study Tech, made learning easier and the theory side of school way more enjoyable than without.

The Junior School will always hold dear to me, as it was responsible for making me feel welcome at the school, immediately, which is a rare attribute and helped greatly with my shyness around schoolmates.

For the Senior School, I’d like to thank the teachers who helped me acquire good grades at GCSE level and a further thanks to my A-Level subject teachers.
Thank you to my friends, from before 6th Form and the current class. This year in 6th Form was hilarious and surprisingly more family-like than I was expecting, which was a great end to my times at the school.

Most importantly, I’d like to thank my parents for giving me support and advice over the years at school and for enabling me to come to Greenfields in the first place. You understood what motivates me and helped me with any problems I had, which will always mean a lot to me.

To conclude, I’d like to touch on a point that, I feel, isn’t brought up enough when discussing the best points about Greenfields – and that’s balance.

This school has an incredible ability to show, equally, the qualities of both a fun and a normal firm approach, to create a successful form of teaching. Now, a lot of that will be to do with Study Tech and Ethics, but added with the atmosphere and students/teachers – I’ve never had to consider where I would be going to school, each September. Taking a moment to consider how profound that feeling is, in comparison to previous schools, was an eye-opener and a thought that only occurred to me during the past two weeks. It’s when you look back after a long but genuinely great time of your life, that you start to notice the smaller, less obvious parts about the journey which actually had a huge influence in the long run.

I now have many options before me which have become opportunities because of Greenfields. And with that thought in mind, I’d like to acknowledge the accomplishments made by my fellow leavers and friends – and of course, a last, incredible ‘Thank you’ to Greenfields School for the moments I’ve experienced.

Valentine Douady Graduate with Honours
Valentine Douady
Graduate with Honours

I have just completed Sixth Form with three A-level qualifications and an additional AS level. I joined Greenfields in January 2012, only a few days after moving to England. Not only was it a new, unfamiliar world, but it was also the middle of the school year.

I have to admit that I felt terrified as I walked into the classroom on my first day, but I soon learned that I had no reason to be anxious. I got warmly welcomed by both peers and adults, and it did not take me long to find my rightful place.

I did use Study tech before coming here, but people in former schools questioned what I was doing. Some teachers recognised I was striving to understand, but the general attitude was to “learn for the exam and then forget the next day.” Here at Greenfields I found dedicated teachers who were keen for us to reach understanding and be able to apply what we had learnt, and I got the confirmation that Study Tech was the right way to learn anything. I was offered study at my own rhythm and presented with various challenges which, thanks to the teachers’ sustained support, I managed to complete successfully.

I know I have made lifelong friends here and I am very thankful for having been able to share my experience here with you. I wish you the best in life, and I am confident that this day does not mark the end of our time together. Again, I would like to thank all those who have made these three and a half years so unique. I feel like I have grown more self-confident and peacefully happy, and that it is now time for me to go into the world and bring about some positive changes. Participating in various charities and clubs within the school has been an important factor in that process.

Last, but not least, and above all, I’d like to thank my parents. You have put a priority on my education and general well-being throughout my life. You have helped me to shape who I am today by always encouraging me to be myself and prosper as such. I find no words to express how grateful I am to you. I may graduate today, but it is my feeling that I will still belong to Greenfields long after I am gone.

Ryan Ellory Graduate with Honours
Ryan Ellory
Graduate with Honours

I’ve been at this school for four years, all of this has taught me so much, not just from an educational standpoint, but a personal and social one.

I was raised in Catholic schools, with around 1500 children in them. Coming to Greenfields felt like a new country. I struggled relating to people and making friends, how was I expected to survive in a place without a smoking corner for the children, police officers patrolling school grounds and metal detectors at the gates to confiscate weapons? With time I relaxed, and made some truly amazing friendships, friendships I know will last for years to come.

Moreover, I found a place where my desire to learn something was nurtured, supported and not suppressed. With the help of Study Tech and some truly wonderful staff members, I came to the realisation, that as long as you have the desire to learn, you look forward to discovering truths about the world and yourself, Greenfields is the ideal place for you.

Of course none of this would be possible without the angels on earth known as parents. I want to thank from the bottom of my heart, the person who pushed me, made me read every single night and told me everything has a solution, the boss of my family… my mother of course. I can’t say enough about my father, he’s my best friend to say the least, but he’s already talked your ear off. I’d also like to extend a thank you to my beautiful girlfriend who was a student at this school for a time.
My final “thank you’s” are to the staff and the executives, without you I know I could never have achieved what I have done. I have gone from getting E grades to getting the very best I could, and I’m now going on to university to study computer science. I now have all the confidence that I will excel in this course – with study tech, the same could be said of any course. I’ve talked enough now, I wish all of you a very pleasant day, and a sincere final thank you.

Emily Hanan Graduate
Emily Hanan

I have been here for three years now. When I first came to this school it was a big change, I went from a school where I didn’t feel welcome and wasn’t allowed to use a dictionary to help me in my studies, to a school that helped me understand how a dictionary would be extremely useful in my life.

I have made some caring friends over the past years who have been a big part in my life and I appreciate all the help I got from them to get through my GCSE’s.

An important part of my three years here have been the teachers, who taught me and showed me how study tech would improve my study, and also how they helped me to enjoy my lessons and subjects.

I will definitely miss the entertaining Maths classes with my year and the enjoyable ‘debates’ with my fellow students in English.

After this I shall be moving onto study performing arts and English.

I also have to thank my family for putting up with me when I have been difficult and have wanted to just laze about because they have pushed me to succeed and without them I would have never felt like I did my best in my exams.

Overall I have enjoyed my time here and will take all the skills I have gained here with me when I leave this school.

Millie Lawson Graduate
Millie Lawson

I have been at Greenfields for two years. The thing that I love most about this school is that it’s made me realise that going to school isn’t actually a bad thing and it can be a lot more fun with the right people, which is what I have found.

Greenfields has made me look at life in a different way in terms of being appreciated and respected by other students. My previous experiences with my past schools have been nowhere near as good as Greenfields, because I’ve never really fitted in with groups before and have never been seen as “the friend” people want. Coming here has changed my life so much because two years has been enough for me to realise just how amazing this place is and that I honestly couldn’t ask for a better group of friends that I’m hoping to stay in touch with when I leave. I have always been doubtful that I would have ever been able to find caring people to spend the last two years of my school life with, but clearly I was very wrong.

Throughout my time at Greenfields the teachers have been extremely helpful and have always been there for me no matter what the situation and helped me out on my work whenever I was struggling. I would never have thought that I would like my English or my Maths lessons and even Biology as much as I have here. Before I came to Greenfields I only had a small understanding about study tech but I had never put it to use. I sometimes complain and know how hard it is to pick up a dictionary and clear misunderstood words but it has been a useful skill to have and I will continue to use it in further studies. I came to Greenfields not knowing much about friendships and studying correctly and I’m thankful that I do now and I will continue to use all the skills that I have been taught here.

I really don’t think I would have been able to get through these last two years though without the help and love from my friends and family who have been really supportive as much as they possibly can. Now my parents, mum you have given me everything a child needs whether I agreed or not and I know that you will always be there for me. Thank you so much. Dad, you and I have a special connection and I will always be daddy’s little girl whatever happens. You both have been there for me throughout my whole experience and very helpful in my studies throughout my time here. So I give all my thanks to you and I love you both dearly and I am so grateful for everything you have done.

My aim for my future career is to be a paramedic because I love the idea of saving and helping people, so the skills I have got from Greenfields will help a great deal.

Klim Kusakin Graduate
Klim Kusakin

First I want to say thank you, to all the people who used to be friendly to that little ginger guy with a weird haircut who arrived here 2.5 years ago. You made my stay in Greenfields much more interesting and pleasant.

Before I came to GF I studied in normal school and I had no interest in studying anything. I also used to be a very shy person with a few people who I could call friends. Living in Boarding, in the different country completely changed it. I want to thank all boarding supervisors for being so nice and helpful. During my stay in England I was exploring a new world, an amazing world. Now I am a complete different person and I want to thank Greenfields for that change.

As a foreign student I had to study in EFL and there I first used Study Technology in practice. So I want to say thank you to Mr. Hubbard for developing Study Tech and to Greenfields teachers who taught me how to apply it. That was a great experience and now I can say much more than “Can I go bathroom?”

After EFL I chose 9 subjects and experienced the process of learning normal subjects in a different language, it was fun and challenging!

Not long ago I successfully did my IGCSES.I could only do that because of help I received from teachers. Teachers in Greenfields always helped me when I needed help and worked hard in order to teach me something. I thank all of them for that! But most of all I want to thank my great parents, who are unfortunately not here. Their decision to send me here completely changed my life. I will always remember that.

Tommy Parffrey Graduate
Tommy Parffrey

I remember my very first day here at Greenfields 5 years ago, it is one I won’t forget. Even from the moment I sat down in my tutor group, I knew that something was different about this school. Teachers seemed to care a lot more about their subjects and students. I quickly found Maths and Geograghy, and later on Drama, as my favourite subjects. The teachers put across a feeling of enthusiasm which the students could really connect with and respond to.

I was able to progress with my subjects due to my knowledge of study technology. This knowledge gave me the ability to see what might confuse me and to overcome it. This proved useful as I entered the final years of my education on returning to the school after being away since year 9, which meant that I had to study a two-year syllabus in six months. I completed the syllabus and sat my GCSE’S that same year. Without the help of Study Technology, I wouldn’t have been able to have completed it in the time I had.

I have enjoyed every moment I have spent here at Greenfields and I shall treasure every moment of my time here. I have fond memories of being with friends and learning new things with the teachers here. This school has given me the necessary tools for my future which is the ability to learn anything I could possibly want, so I say thank you!

But I want to say thank you to my Year 11 tutor who sorted every conceivable problem to make my times during exams work, and just for being an amazing tutor the whole year round. I just want to say a last “goodbye” to all the teachers who have enabled me to study the subjects so efficiently. I also want to say “Good Luck” and “goodbye” to my fellow graduates. I hope you succeed in the future in everything you do because you deserve it. I just need to say “thank you” to my parents and brothers for without you I would not be here and I wouldn’t have been given the education I received. Thank you for your support throughout my school life. You paid for me to come here and receive the best possible start in life. I hope I’ve made you proud and I hope to continue to make you proud.