Teaching Children How to Learn

Study Technology

At Greenfields we teach every student how to learn. This is a simple, yet vital step missing in education today. We want every student to be able to know how to study any subject that they choose and be able to apply the information that they have learnt.

The way in which we accomplish this is through the use of Study Technology (Study Tech). The word Study is a noun and means ‘The devotion of time and attention to gaining knowledge of an academic subject, especially by means of books.’ Technology is a noun and means ‘a manner of accomplishing a task especially using technical processes, methods, or knowledge.’

This is what makes Greenfields so unique. It emphasises learning knowledge and skills to actually apply them for a useful end, rather than simply learning to pass an examination or learning without any real purpose doing so. The Study Technology directly addresses those factors that often block a student from succeeding in what he or she is trying to study – these barriers can cause a student to be confused, not want to study a subject anymore, feel tired etc. The students learn the three ways to resolve these unwanted barriers by using dictionaries to define any words that they do not understand, ensuring that they combine both theory with practical and by making sure that they are studying in the correct sequence and not jumping on to higher levels of the subject when they have not done the steps in between.

The students take courses which provide them with the simple yet powerful tools to study independently and effectively. They discover that any lack of success in learning can be traced back to causes they can control.

In the United Kingdom, we are, at this writing, the only school that uses Study Tech – though around the world it is used by hundreds of schools to the benefit of students now numbering in the millions.

“As long as children and young men and women find pleasure in study, they will continue studying throughout life – and upon that depends their happiness.”
L. Ron Hubbard

How Study Technology Began

Study Technology is a secular (non-religious) methodology developed by American author and educator L.Ron Hubbard.

Mr. Hubbard recognized the failings of modern education in the 1950s, many years before poor student performance began to make headlines. He observed that students were simply unable to learn with comprehension. Sometimes they could repeat, parrot-fashion, what they had been taught,  but they were unable to apply the subject supposedly “learned” with any facility or understanding.

Mr. Hubbard then researched the subject of study and isolated the actual barriers to effective learning. He found the problem was not overwork, crammed study schedules or incompetent teachers. Rather, he discovered that the main impediment to a student’s ability to retain and effectively use data was the absence of a technology of how to study. This included his discovery of what are known as the three barriers to study and Study Technology includes the precise methods to overcome these barriers.

“Study Tech,” as it is sometimes referred to, is so embracive that it can be applied by anyone to the study of any subject.

Study Tech is not a gimmicky “quick-study method,” but an exact technology that anyone can use to learn a subject or to acquire a new skill.