Recent Graduates

Millia McQuade – Graduate with Honours 2018

Hello! My name is Milli McQuade and I first visited Greenfields when I was a few months old and I have been here basically ever since!

I wanted to say a little now about how a school experience here at Greenfields really does have wider implications in both my life and in the wider world. I have recently received offers to study wildlife conservation from several universities next year. With the passion for conservation that I have developed during my time here, I really hope that I will make a big difference to the preservation of our planet, particularly by stemming the tide of deforestation.

As the Head Girl of Greenfields Sixth Form I have adopted numerous additional responsibilities – assisting on reception, helping to run parents evening, break duties and my favourite, work experience as a teaching assistant. I have helped in the reception class for two years now and I have loved the experience.

In the Sixth Form I also completed my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award and I am now working towards my gold award. I was also the manager of the school’s charitable WE Day club, and coordinated the efforts of our student body in a drive to help numerous charities and raise awareness of issues that we are passionate about.

I would like to thank every teacher here and everyone who has ever taught me. You have been so much more than simply someone who has taught me; you have become my friend with whom I can laugh and share experiences with every day.

Finally a big thank you to all the staff and executives here at Greenfields for everything you have done and continue to do to make the truly unique, wholly magical, and absolutely life-changing experience of being here at Greenfields.

Omer Wolff – Graduate with Honours 2018

My name is Omer Wolff, and I am a Sixth Form Graduate.

I would like to thank all the executives and staff of the school for making Greenfields the place that it is. I was so lucky to have been surrounded by one of the most diverse community of students, each and every one from a unique background.  We all work with this incredible Study Technology, which is what really makes this school so special to me, and my academic achievements undeniably mirror its effectiveness. On paper, leaving here with 11 GCSEs, 4 A levels, a Duke of Edinburgh award, as well as vocational dance qualifications in ballet, tap and modern is more than sufficient for a university-striving student. For myself however, what I really would like to take from here is the complete sense of equality in opportunity, and sense of belonging to a much greater group of able persons. The harmony between all the staff members and the students of all ages, all the way from 2 to 18 – is unparalleled anywhere else.

The last 5 years of working in our charity group have inspired and amplified my enthusiasm and interest in charity work, which I do not plan on giving up any time soon. As a person who is so privileged to have grown up with my family, to have been sent to a school like this, the drive to give similar opportunities to those who need it most is constantly fuelled.

I’d like to quote a tiny extract from my personal statement that I think reflects exactly what I have learned from these years surrounded by all my fellow students:

‘’ … The mission is, my duty to aid others — regardless of their sex, social standing, ethnicity or any other aspect that is secondary and minute to their principal identity as a human being.’’

My journey this September will, fingers crossed, lead me to study in a university that is the top third nationwide medical school, Bart’s in the Queen Mary University, London. There, years of intensive, enriching lectures, examinations and subject matter will direct me to, you guessed it, years of an intensively enriching career as a physician. Never have I wanted anything more in my life, and never will I cease to aspire and work for this. Currently, the ambitious speciality as a surgeon holds my attention, however an open mind and the will to explore may steer me in a thousand directions within the vast field of medicine, including prestigious later work in research.

Fatema Alhawaj – Graduate with Honours 2018

My name is Fatema, I’m from Bahrain and I have been at this school for 3 ½ years.

I still remember my first day here and how scared I was; but after just a few short days, I was already a changed person, I was already so much happier. I realised that Greenfields was a place where I didn’t have to be afraid, where I knew that being who I truly was would not end in people judging me or treating me like I was different, and where I could speak with people openly. That’s when I knew that I wanted to stay.

There was, and is, so much that is different about Greenfields; for example, having teachers who genuinely care about my educational journey and make sure I grasp every bit of knowledge possible is a huge encouragement and has played a large part in my A-Level years. This is something I couldn’t say about my old school as it was obvious that the teachers did not see me as an individual and simply did not care enough about every student.

The teachers at Greenfields also introduced me to Study Technology; with this, I was able to learn a whole new definition of ‘learning’ while catching up on what I had missed from the first half of the year and getting through any learning barriers I had faced. It made me confident that what I was learning would be something I could later apply to my life, an effect which my old school could not help me achieve. I would have, of course, never been able to achieve this without each of my individual subject teachers, and so I would like to thank each and every one of them, not only for teaching me but for genuinely wanting me to go out into the world having learnt something that could possibly change my life for the better.

Another special part of my time at Greenfields was boarding; when I first arrived I was a very shy girl who was  too afraid to speak openly to people or trust anyone and depended on her parents for absolutely everything, but being in boarding on my own in a different country and away from people I have known for most of my life has made me a more confident and independent version of myself, who is no longer afraid and is ready for what the world has in store. As a boarding prefect, I have reached new levels of responsibility and can honestly say that I am no longer afraid of being alone or depending on myself, and that I am confident in my abilities as an individual.

I know that the lessons I have learnt at Greenfields shall always stay with me and prepare me for any challenges which the future may hold; my experiences at Greenfields and the people I have been lucky enough to know have changed my life so much.

Madeleine Douglas – Graduate 2018

I’ve been a member of Greenfields School for the past 15 years. Greenfields has always felt like home to me, because of the safe environment and extremely kind teachers I’ve always had throughout my time here. I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to be a student here.

Greenfields is so very different to other schools because of the continuous support you get throughout your entire education in every aspect. The school feels like a big family to me because so many of us have grown up together. One of the big differences about studying here is that the teachers genuinely want each student personally to arrive at a point where they will make the best possible future choices in life. Whenever I have struggled, it has always been easy to get help from the various teachers here, who have always worked tirelessly to keep me on track.

The use of Study Technology has allowed me to understand whatever I’ve studied here and has taught me how to apply what I’ve learnt in real-life situations. It has helped me to jump over the obstacles in my studies by allowing me to spot when I’ve gone past something I don’t understand, and has permitted me to know how to find the correct academic gradient in each subject. I have been taught how to apply instead of just learn things for the sake of it, which always gives a purpose to what I’m learning.

Greenfields is a very special place. It has helped me with any problems I’ve had in life, has taught me about ethics, how to treat others through the precepts of The Way to Happiness and has provided me with other vital knowledge, such as the truth about drugs. I’d therefore like to thank the school as a whole for everything it has done for me.

Molly Cavanagh – Graduate 2018

I have been a student at Greenfields School since I was two years old. Having been a student here for my entire education, I really have nothing to compare this school to. However, I can say with complete confidence that it has provided me with an education that no other school could have and greatly contributed to the person that I am today.

Greenfields is the only school in the country that applies Mr Hubbard’s ‘Study Technology’ and for that I am extremely grateful. Study Technology is a technique that the school teaches and encourages. However, it is then up to the individual student to decide to apply it in their own studies and see the substantial difference that it makes. I have been taught from a young age that Study Technology is vital in order to be able to fully understand and later apply a certain subject, and throughout my education this fact has become increasingly apparent to me. Having never been without this technology, I am glad that I never took it for granted at any point in my education, because without it, I would not have been able to achieve the academic success that I have here.

The teachers here are a prodigious part of what makes Greenfields so incredibly unique and special. I don’t think that any other school consists of teachers that all genuinely care for the success of each and every one of their students, but that is a reality here at Greenfields. I think of my teachers not only as advisers and helpers but also as friends who I feel completely comfortable going to with any problem or query that I may have.

Greenfields has provided a safe and supportive environment for my entire education. Students here are encouraged to be themselves and to achieve what they wish to accomplish. Therefore, this school produces intelligent individuals who are able to think for themselves and do what they believe is right. I am only sixteen, yet I already feel prepared for anything that life has to throw my way, and it is this school that has given me such confidence. The Greenfields team have always supported and encouraged me in all of my subjects, especially in the ones that I wish to continue studying further. I have decided to specialise in English Literature, History and Drama during my time at college, and it is the teachers here that have encouraged and ignited my love for these subjects over the years. I plan on attending university to study either English or Drama and then pursue a career as an actress, a wish that the school has always supported.

Benson Kan – Graduate 2018

I first joined Greenfields school in September 2014. I remember my first day in the school’s English as a Foreign Language programme (EFL). I wasn’t able to speak English at all. All I could say was “Hi, Yes, No, Thank you. and Sorry”, but I was surprised by how different the education was. In my last school all lessons were just books and tedious everyday tasks, and that made me seriously dislike going to school. I found that in Greenfields teachers really cared about what they were delivering to the students and knew what was best for each individual.

At Greenfields we apply study technology to improve our studies and make it more efficient. Study tech helps us as students to make sure we understand everything we are studying. It has helped me throughout my GCSEs and has made it much easier to study. I really want to thank Greenfields for this priceless technology, and for providing all the support that was needed, both when I first learned English and during every other subject I have studied here.

A big thank you to all the teachers, staff members and executives for providing all students of Greenfields such a lovely place to learn in.

Lastly I want to thank my parents and all my family members. Thank you for sending me to Greenfields to better my education level. Thank you for bearing with me over the years. Words cannot express how thankful I am.

It’s now been about four years since the first day that I joined Greenfields. I really feel I’ve become a more responsible and more considerate person then I have ever been in my life. I am now ready to move towards the next milestone of my life: training to become a world-class chef in France. Although I’m very excited, I will certainly miss everyone here and the amazing memories that have been created. Thank you.