Meet Our Students

Success Stories - Students

“Greenfields School has been a major part of my life for 14 years now; these years have truly been amazing. There aren’t many schools where the students respect each other and are friends with their teachers. And that’s why Greenfields School is different. Greenfields has given me true friends, who I will keep in touch with forever.  Study Technology has taught me how to study as an individual and how to spot when I need help. This has allowed me to really study and learn here.” – C.M.

“Before I began to study at Greenfields School, academically I wasn’t doing very well. With the use of Study Technology and working at my own pace I was able to fully understand the subject(s). I used to think that I was no good at Physics and English Language, but it turned out that all that had to be done is some word clearing and individual help to get me back on track to where I should be. I honestly can’t recommend Greenfields School enough!” – S.V.

"For the last two and a half years since I came to Greenfields School, it has been a really nice experience for me. I lived in England for half a year prior coming to Greenfields and I attended another school. That school was much bigger than Greenfields School and there were a few international students. However I was the only Russian student there and still new to the country which led to some bullying. When I left that school and came to Greenfields, my school life changed immensely in a positive way. I was welcomed by everyone and I felt much better because the school is also international and there were a few other Russians as well as other nationalities. I soon got myself involved in the social life and found my best friend. The teachers were really nice as well and my academic results improved. Generally, teachers and tutors helped me to improve my results and my enjoyment in learning these subjects improved too. I also got introduced to Study Technology which I personally didn’t accept at first, but then I realised the benefits of using it and its usefulness. The school helped me a lot to enjoy my education and become a more confident person.” – C.T

“I would like to thank Mrs. Campbell for making me like the subject I hated: History. I wasn’t going to do History as a GCSE, because I thought it was boring and that you only have to memorize dates and events, which were based on English History. Due to my friends motivating me and my teacher inspiring me to keep going,  it suddenly turned out to be one of my favourite subjects. We learnt about the events of World War II and Germany which was so interesting. This was mainly because of the way that Mrs Campbell explained the materials. She enlightened me to work harder for the subject and make her proud of my good work.” – N.S.

Success Stories - Parents

“Finding the right school can keep one up at night for any parent! Will the school environment be safe? Will he learn? Will he get bullied? Will he get the tools he needs to succeed in life? Fortunately, I’d heard of Greenfields School many years before I had children, through friends that had children that had gone to the school. Their children seemed quite grounded, happy and going where they wanted in life- I thought this is the place for my children. And I was right – my son LOVES going to school and runs down to his class every day. Using the study technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard his ability to read astounds me. He reads book after book at home – something I never did. He’s also not the tallest of children and I was worried about bullying, but the school’s zero-tolerance policy allows him to just be who he is. Each day I see him growing more confident, absorbing knowledge and developing skills for his future which gives me great security as a parent. I can’t recommend Greenfields enough!” – J.R Wilson.

“My daughter was attending public school in Canada where the programme catered more to smaller children so while she was somewhat ahead of others, it was not enough to go into the next year. She was bored in life overall, was picking up bad attitudes and we worried how things would go as she got older. So we moved to the UK. I stayed behind at work for the first 2 months while my daughter and husband went ahead for the beginning of the new school year. She started in Year 3 and has not looked back. Later when I arrived, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My baby was enjoying school, had made friends and was simply flourishing. I quickly noticed that she was calm about marks and tests. Also, children are taught to handle their disagreements. This was quite different from the system she was used to where kids got penalized and had to basically ‘deal with it’ both academically and socially. I think Greenfields is an island of sanity which is respectful of the little ones, a place where they can reach their potential and learn with understanding. I believe that here they are on the road to reaching their dreams.” – S.Kiesners

“Our children have attended Greenfields for many years now and we are truly impressed with their academic progress. They are advancing beyond our expectations and it is a joy to see them happy and enjoying school in a safe and beautiful environment made for learning.” – S.K. (Parent)

“I can honestly say there is something very special about Greenfields. It has been an absolute pleasure to send my children off to school in the morning and know that they are truly learning for themselves.” – A.L (Parent)

“The school has transformed my son’s attitude to learning and his education in general. The small class size meant he had an opportunity to catch up on what he had missed in his previous two years in senior school. And within his first year there he was excelling even his own expectations.” – O.A (Parent)