Independent Schools Association

The Independent Schools Association (ISA)  is the registered charity that represents the Heads of 474 of the UK’s best independent schools. They provide their Members and their staff with a wide range of membership services, including high-quality training courses and conferences, networking opportunities, advice and support.

Founded in 1878, ISA is one of the oldest of the organisations for the Heads of independent schools. They are proud of their reputation for offering warmth and professional, practical advice, and are delighted to offer an expanding range of benefits for their Members, including the provision of up-to-date information and legal advice, regional support, value-for-money training and twice-yearly conferences.

ISA works closely with Headteachers and with other professional bodies to promote excellence in independent education. They seek to influence the national educational debate on behalf of their Members, while promoting independence and choice.

For Greenfields School, the Executive Head, Mr Jeff Smith, holds the current Certificate of Membership of the ISA.