Executive Head’s Welcome

Jeff Smith
Executive Head
First of all – hello! My name is Jeff Smith – and I have the great privilege of being the Executive Head of Greenfields School. I say that because, as you will discover, Greenfields is quite a unique place. To begin with, it is set on the edge of the Royal Ashdown Forest in its own eleven acres of woodland.

But that’s just the beginning. Visitors regularly comment on the distinctive atmosphere here, the uncommon bond which exists between students and between teachers and students. Every class at the School is small enough for the teachers to give attention to each student, to monitor their progress accurately and not let them slip by the wayside. On the contrary – we want every student to know that they are, in their own estimation, making progress and improving.

The progress and wellbeing of every student matters a great deal to us and this is reflected in the way that we speak and deal with them. Every year, new students arrive and immediately notice how they are greeted with warmth and friendship by staff and students alike. This a school where Juniors and Seniors play football together, where students from Year 7 have no issue with chatting from Year 11 or the Sixth Form and where everyone knows everyone else by name.

Greenfields is an Independent Day and Boarding School. We accept and welcome children from all over the world of all races, religious denominations and creeds. Yet the school operates like it is one big family, with students and staff getting on with what needs to be done almost spontaneously.

In no small measure, we are able to maintain this incredibly friendly, caring and safe environment as a result of the way that we teach, It ensures that children really understand and can use the information that they study. The intention is to add value to their educational experience.

We actually teach children how to be students. You would think that would be an obvious step wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t let someone out on the road at the wheel of a car by themselves unless they had taken driving lessons and passed a driving test. And yet a person is placed in a classroom at a very early age and by some miracle they are expected to “become a student” without being taught what study is and how it is done properly in order to avoid running into difficulties which, of course, many people do!

In addition to teaching children how to be students, we also encourage and expect them, whether they are local or international, to take an active role in the school’s life, to endeavour to improve conditions around them and to set a good example for others.

I am confident that you will find Greenfields to be a remarkable place – and I look very much forward to showing you more and to answering any questions that you may have relating to your child’s educational development.


Jeff Smith – Executive Head, Greenfields School