The Tutors at the Effective Education Centre Provide One-to-One Tuition. Our Tutors are qualified, patient and effective. We deliver first class tutoring in all subjects for all ages.

•Tutoring in reading and phonics

•Maths Tutoring, English Tutoring

•Tutoring of Sciences at all levels

•Exam tuition including 11+ exam preps, SATs, GCSEs, A levels

•Tutoring in languages including GCSE and A level languages

We also deliver learning and life skills courses which help students develop good study habits and an ability to use what they have studied and apply it in life. Free testing in English, Reading and Maths is also available.

The Effective Education Centre is located in the heart of East Grinstead, West Sussex on Railway Approach, just off London Road.

Children’s House Nursery is a safe, fun place where children learn through the senses and develop independence. We are a day nursery based in East Grinstead, and we accept children from age 1 to 5 years. Our programme is based on the Montessori educational methods.

Recently rated “Good” by Ofsted in all categories, Children’s House offers an excellent education for children. Free trial mornings are available. Contact us today for information on babies and toddlers, preschool programmes and our free Parent and Baby Group.

If you need to learn English to get a better job, for business, travel, your studies, or simply to speak to your neighbours, we will be happy to help you.

At the Greenfields English Language College we will teach you English by starting from the very basics or by improving the standard you have already reached. You will receive individual attention and speak lots of English in the classes, so that by the time you have completed your programme you can speak English with confidence!

We will tailor programs to suit you and to cover your personal needs and requirements. We can help you reach your goals.

We offer personal, one-to-one lessons, group and conversation classes and we can also teach you over Skype, so even if you’re far away, you can be learning English in an English school, right from home!

Contact us today for YOUR English programme.
The Athena School in Sydney, Australia, is a sister school of Greenfields and embraces the same educational philosophy and teaching methods.  The school is nestled in a leafy part of Newtown, 10 minutes from the city centre of Sydney, and is located on the attractive heritage premises of a former Catholic school and convent.  Special features are its small class sizes, friendly teachers, individual attention and its emphasis on making learning an enjoyable and enriching experience.
The ZIEL Private School is a unique dayschool in the heart of Zurich. ZIEL stands for “Zentrum für Individuelles und Effektives Lernen” which means “Center for Individual and Effective Learning”. This is more than an empty slogan. We provide individually tailored education programs that meet your child at its respective level, regardless of its age or previous education. By ensuring no basics are skipped in any field, the child progresses quickly and stably, all the while really understanding what he or she is studying. Because of the much higher than average level of individual attention each child gets, ZIEL School is ideally suited for foreign language students with a knowledge of basic German. ZIEL School will integrate a foreign language student into the Swiss system. Where a family intends to stay in Switzerland for a longer time or even permanently, ZIEL School is the ideal choice.
Tutoring For Children & Adults understands the importance of a good education and the freedom and opportunities that this provides. With our one-to-one tuition we work to assist our students to achieve understanding, as well as the ability to apply what they have learnt, for the purpose of creating increased competence and enjoyment of their studies.
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