Boarding FAQs

How will boarding affect my child?

There are many benefits for children who attend boarding school. Boarding children grow in confidence, as they learn to take responsibility for themselves and they become more independent as they progress up the school and more organised. Living in a community also encourages understanding, respect and consideration of others.

What do you do for those children who are homesick?

The boarding staff is very experienced and are used to dealing with children who may be away from home for the first time.  Our warm and caring house ethos ensures that children are well looked after and given the care and attention they need to settle smoothly and quickly.  The school day is a busy and buzzing one and children will find themselves immersed in school life very quickly.

Does my child have to wear uniform?

During boarding hours (evenings and weekends) the school does not insist on school uniform being worn but during school hours a proper and clean school uniform should be worn at all times.

How do you discipline the children?

Communication is key. We find out exactly what is going on with the child before any disciplinary action is taken. There could be a number of reasons as to why they are breaking the school rules. A list of rules will be provided on application to each family. We adhere to a system of Plus and Minus points to either reward or penalise as appropriate.

How much contact will I have with my child who is boarding?

Boarders can have frequent contact with their parents. They have access to the internet and mobile phones in the evenings and on weekends and can therefore email, call, Facetime, Skype etc during that time. They can also use the boarding house school phone to call home. We are also delighted to welcome parents to the school to see their children take part in sports fixtures, musical and dramatic productions, or just to pay a visit whenever you want.

How much contact do parents have with staff?

We see boarding as a partnership between parents and the school and we are always happy to speak to parents about progress or any issues or concerns they may have. If the matter is boarding related, parents first point of contact is with the Head of Boarding via telephone or email. In addition, each pupil will also have a class tutor allocated to them when they start the new school year who will have responsibility for their progress academically across the school year.  Each tutor will introduce themselves to parents at the start of the academic term in September.

Can children attend activities privately outside of school?

Yes, they can. This will require some organization as the school does its own outings and has its own schedule and therefore it does require some coordination.

What are the rules regarding phones and electronics?

Phones are not allowed during the school day. After school and on the weekend, the boarders have access to their phones and electronics however they do have to hand them in at night before they go to bed.

What are the rules regarding flight arrivals and departures?

You will be given a school calendar for the year and it will say the dates that boarders are supposed to arrive and leave. We kindly ask that you book flights on these days and no other days.

Are there extra study facilities for boarders to do homework?

The school has its own ‘Homework Club’ open after normal school hours between 3:30pm and 5pm. There is also a quiet study room in the boarding area. The boarding supervisors are always on hand to assist the boarding students with any help they may need with homework.

What do we need to bring?

Prior to your arrival, you will be provided with a list of items and equipment that your child will need to bring with.