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New Greenfields School English Language Programmes Video!

For the past year, Greenfields Short Term EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Programme has been highly successful. The programme is offered all year around to  individual students and large groups from Europe and the rest of the world. They join in order to learn and improve their English, immerse themselves in an English Boarding school and go on exciting trips within the UK.
This year, we had a wide mix of nationalities join us, including Spanish, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Taiwanese, Chinese and Israeli. The children stayed from as little as 1 week up to 10 weeks and all had a fantastic time learning about the English culture, and each other’s cultures. They embarked on many and various activities such as climbing, bowling,
Go Ape treetop adventures, trampolining, hiking, Adventure Parks and more. And there were many visits to popular cities and locations such as London, Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge, Canterbury, Camber sands and more. In the boarding house, the children were made to feel like part of the Greenfields family and took part in many activities, including
sports, cooking lessons, jewellery making, crafting, movie nights, etc.. Combined with informative English lessons which catered to all levels of English, the children left with many new friends, an improved knowledge of the language and with new-found confidence.

Greenfields Around The World!

Greenfields staff and children have been very busy this year both with promoting the school’s unique teaching methods and with community outreach actions.

Earlier this year Mr Jeff Smith, Executive Head went on tour to Japan, Taiwan and Ukraine where he visited other schools and gave talks on what it is like in an English boarding school and about the use of Study Technology (a method the school uses to help children learn any subject and be able to use what they have learned in life and not just to pass exams).

Pictures above show Mr Smith giving a lecture to 40 Polish children who visited the school in May to hear more about the school and its study methods, and again to 25 Chinese children who arrived in June to take part in a Greenfields summer EFL (English as a Foreign Language) programme.

A tour was also made to Czechoslovakia with Greenfields own junior school teacher Tereza Stastna and the manager of the Greenfields Trust sponsored Effective Information Centre, Brenda Mc Quade. They visited and gave lectures to a series of the LITE language schools in Czechoslovakia.

Meanwhile at Greenfields itself, the school had a visit from an Indian Educator very interested in its methods and how he could implement them in Indian schools. Greenfields Science teacher Ms Joystna Maity, along with some of Greenfields own pupils, have also been fundraising to furnish a school in India with its first computer. The computer has now been set up and fundraising continues to next provide an interactive whiteboard.

For more information about what makes Greenfields unique please contact us.

Best wishes, Staff and pupils of Greenfields


End of Year Fun at Greenfields School

This week, year 7,8 and 9 students enjoyed their end of year outing to Bullswood Skirmish Paintball and Laser Tag. The students were geared up and went off into the forest to play against each others teams for 2 hours of game time. Fun was had by all and the kids were returned sweaty and happy at the end of the day 🙂

Greenfields EFL and Boarding Student Outings 2017

Last call for EFL courses in the summer! Greenfields EFL courses run during the summer school term and the summer holidays and in addition to those we have boarders at the school all year round who need entertaining! Here are a few recent photos taken on various outings. They include dance lessons, horse riding, archery, go-carting, cycling, canoeing, team building, trips to stately homes and castles, cookery, eating ice cream and lots more. Contact EFL manager on for more details.

Mud Run for the Greenfields PTA


In the last week of April some of the boarders and students of Greenfields school took part in a sponsored mud run. The run was a cross country run through fields and forests and MUD and its purpose was to raise funds for the school’s PTA. Everyone finished sweaty and muddy but had lots of fun!


Greenfields Head Goes to Japan

Here is the full article in the local newspaper…/story-30195111-d…/story.html

Greenfields and Winnie the Pooh
Greenfields Head Goes to Japan

On his recent trip to Japan, Executive Head Teacher, Mr Jeff Smith of Greenfields School was intrigued to find out that Japanese children loved the idea of visiting the ‘home’ of Winnie-the-Pooh (or Pooh-San as they call him). Pooh San is a fictional teddy bear created by English author A. A. Milne and his adventures are based around the Ashdown Forest close to where Greenfields is located.

Mr Smith flew out to Tokyo in February to promote the school’s summer language program for children learning English as a foreign language at his Forest Row School

The English as a second language program has been running at the school for several years and was first set up as a summer camp, but now also runs at different times during the year in order to accommodate students who have breaks in their countries at other times of the year.

Greenfields School, which is an independent day and boarding school, offers foreign students boarding on site and the advantage of internationally recognised qualifications.

Mr Smith said: “The majority of the subjects the school teaches, are international GCSEs so for anyone who gets a certificate here in England it will be an international qualification so they can take it back to whatever country they’re from and it will be valid there as well.”

Mr Smith added during the visit he took inspiration from teaching methods abroad and how “everything ran like clockwork”.

“The people were incredibly caring and very proud of what they do and the place was very clean,” he said. “If you start looking vaguely lost, people come up to you and ask if you need help. It’s unreal.

“The impression people sometimes give you when they talk about Japan is that it’s so rushed but it’s actually less manic than England.

“If you go on the underground in London during rush hour, you feel stressed. Everybody looks so tense. In Japan it’s also busy, but it felt a lot calmer. You can tell people know what they’re doing and everything was coordinated, it was more relaxed.