Referral Agents

The school’s best ambassadors are its current students and their parents as well as former students and parents. These are the very people who have experienced Greenfields first hand and therefore can actively promote the school to any prospective families.

Professional agents who also see the benefit of a Greenfields education, regularly promote and encourage students to join our school.

We offer a referral commission to any individual or agency who refers a new student to us.

Steps to Take

  • Read our Referral Fee Policy, which delineates the terms and conditions of referral.
  • Please inform the Admissions Executive who is working with the prospective family that you are referring that child to the school. Or please contact the school directly on the family’s behalf.
  • Please fill in the Referral Form and email to the Admissions Executive.
  • Once the child has enrolled at the school, you will be paid the commission.

If you have any questions about becoming a referral agent or require any promotional materials, please email the Admissions Executive on: