How many pupils are there in the school?

Approximately 150.

What are the class sizes?

Maximum 15 but usually smaller. If we have more than 15 children in a class then we normally hire another teacher.

How many boarders do you have?

Approximately 30.

What ages of pupils do you have at Greenfields?

We accept children from age 2 to 18 years old.

We have Nursery and Reception classes (Early Years Foundation Stage).

Year 1 to Year 6 are the Infants and Juniors.

Years 7 through to Year 11 are the classes in the Senior School.

Years 12 and 13 make up our Sixth Form in the Senior School.

At what age can children start in Boarding?

Children must be 11 years old or above, unless there is an older sibling, in which case we will consider 10 years old.

Where are most of the children from?

Most of the boarders are from overseas -Russia, France, China, Italy and so on- and most of the day students are from the UK although we do have some boarders whose parents are based in the UK.

Can my child start at any time during the school year?

Yes, children can enrol at any time during the school year. Simply contact the Admissions Office to find out more.

When was the school founded?

The school was founded in 1981.

Is it a Scientology School?

No, we have no religious affiliation. We do use a method of study, called Study Technology and this is how we teach the children how to learn properly. They take courses on how to use a dictionary, grammar and communication etc and this gives them the tools to be able to learn anything that they want to. This Study Technology was developed by L. Ron Hubbard (who also developed Scientology). We use this method of study because it works. The school is non-denominational and welcomes students and staff of all religions and creeds.

What is Study Technology?

Essentially it teaches students how to learn. The focus is on the student actually being able to learn any subject and to be able to apply what he has learnt. For more information, click here.

Are the students and/or teachers all Scientologists?

No. We do have students and teachers who are Scientologists but we also have Christians, Jews, Muslims and so on. We are keen to emphasise the importance of respecting others religious beliefs.

What sports activities do you do?

We have football, basketball, tennis, netball, volleyball, rounders, cross country running, hockey and athletics. We take minibuses to the local sports centre for swimming and the gym. We also organise a ski trip in the February half term each year.

What are the fees?

For fees information please click here.

My child is very bright and I wonder what happens if he is finishing work ahead of the rest of the class?

Each child works at his/her own pace and has an individual programme in many subjects. They are carefully monitored and frequently assessed to make sure they fully understand one topic before moving to the next. They move ahead as fast as they like, or can. No child will be held back to wait for others.

My child struggles in certain subjects – how do you make sure he doesn’t fall behind?

 Each child works at his or her own pace and has an individual programme. Due to the small class sizes we can monitor each child’s progress closely and by regular assessments we can support each child’s needs. Extra one to one tuition is available if needed.

Is there a school bus?

Yes, it costs £1 per journey and travels to and from East Grinstead 3 times a day.

What are the school term dates?

For more information on the school calendar, click here.

If we have questions about the school / our child what can we do?

You are very welcome to visit, call or email the school at any time or to make an appointment with the class teacher or the Executive Head. Communication between the parents and the school is very important.

What is the admissions procedure?

Please refer to the Admissions Process page to see the steps to take.

Is the school inspected?

Yes, the Independent Schools Inspectorate inspect us, as they do all private schools. For the latest report, click here.

How long is the school day?

Nursery is open between 9am and 4:15pm. You can book morning sessions, afternoon sessions and/or full days.

Reception, Infants and Juniors begin at 9am and finish at 3pm. There are after school clubs every day from 3pm to 4pm at an additional cost.

Senior School begins at 8.50am and finishes at 3:10pm. There is a break until 3.30pm and then sport, homework clubs and extracurricular activities until 5pm. Boarding opens at 5pm each day.

Do you have dance and music lessons?

Yes, these are paid for independently with the appropriate teacher and are reasonably priced. Our dancers also take recognised dance examinations and perform in many dance festivals and events.

What about lunches?

We have in-house caterers who cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for the boarders and lunch for day students. For day students, lunch is paid termly or by purchase of a single lunch ticket and is optional – packed lunches can be brought in if preferred. There is a delicious well-balanced menu of food on offer for all the children from Nursery on up.

Where can I buy the school uniform?

The school uniform can be purchased from the school. Please click here for more information.

If you have any questions not answered here, or would like to know more, please contact Admissions here.