Is the outside world beckoning to your child?

Is he or she prepared for what life has in store?

Do you think your child is ready to cope with university, academically and socially?

A change tends to occur in most children once Year 11 is over. Those who want to go on to university tend to become more mature and focused. What they need now is not only more expert support and guidance but also the freedom to explore their chosen subjects at their own pace. At Greenfields, most Sixth Form subjects also use the Cambridge Curriculum and it has been found that these in most cases naturally extend the student’s knowledge and experience of a subject from earlier years. But there’s more to these years than academics -decisions made and options selected here are ‘live’, they have impact and actively determine what your child will do next in life.

The Sixth Form is the threshold of the future -it has to be a positive, constructive environment on many levels or your child’s first steps in life could go awry.

Greenfields Sixth Form offers

  • very small class sizes enabling one-to-one tuition in almost all cases
  • a close, personal working environment where professional relationships with others can quickly be established
  • a range of activities which help to create rounded young people, not just academically qualified but socially adept
  • a very generous discount structure

In Greenfields Sixth Form, students are highly trained to spot any issues with individual studies themselves. Independence and initiative are highly valued. Social and professional skills are developed and encouraged as the individual is helped to be a contributing member of the group. It’s all about adding value, socially and academically.

Discounts available through our New Fees Scheme means that the Sixth Form remains affordable.

Subjects taught include Maths, English Language, English Literature, Physics, ICT (Computers), Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Art, Drama and Film Studies

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