Is your child changing unpredictably as the teenage years arrive?

Are you increasingly concerned about the approaching exam years?

Do things just feel a little bit out of control educationally?

Years 7 to 9 are the crunch time for many children, and parents. This is when the combination of hormones, more challenging school subjects and new social situations can derail all the careful parenting of the childhood years.

With children’s attention beginning to disperse across a range of activities from complex school subjects to even more complex friendships and perhaps even deeper relationships, parents need the back-up of a school environment which is designed to keep distractions to a minimum and to help a child focus. ’Teenage angst’, mood swings and lack of personal direction can come together with bad timing a threaten what was a promising future.

These early teenage years are the make-break point of a child’s education, academically and socially.

School can help, rather than hinder.

With Greenfields New Fees Scheme, almost anyone can gain access to the resources often so desperately needed at this point.

In its Lower Seniors classes Greenfields Senior School offers:

  • a guided, disciplined environment
  • small class sizes
  • a high-standard curriculum which is both demanding and exciting
  • courses and internships in how to study, including the ‘Study Skills for Life’ and the ‘Basic Study Manual’ which give students the ability to become independent learners.

The school has an entire office dedicated to dealing swiftly and effectively with behavioural and social issues -the Student Consultant is an experienced expert in children and knows how to gain their cooperation even when the most sensitive matters arise. Throughout Years 7, 8 and 9, your child can get the direct, almost one-to-one attention that he or she deserves. While the Cambridge Curriculum provides the runway towards the examination years, devoted teachers and other staff work to engage each individual’s personal involvement in whatever is being taught.

Now that the basics are in place, the Lower Senior years strive to increase knowledge and understanding at an exponential rate while also providing entertaining and challenging environments for learning, with the intention of adding value every step of the way.

Subjects taught include Maths, English Language, English Literature, Physics, ICT (Computers), Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Art, Drama, Music, Sport and Spanish.

Cambridge assessments are used to monitor progress and as tools to ensure that the right support is given throughout to students and staff.

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