Is your child wandering away from learning?

Do you sense that your child’s individual needs are not being addressed enough?

Are you anxious about the approaching years of secondary education?

It’s common (and understandable) for parents look ahead and try to project how their child will do when studies get more intense and demanding in secondary education. If your child is not paying enough attention in a large and noisy Junior class, is this being spotted and sorted out? What happens if it isn’t, and a child is allowed to lose interest in basic subjects when the Junior years are when these basics need to be firmly entrenched?

An inadequate primary education can utterly undermine and endanger the rest of a child’s schooling.

What if there were a school that

  • had small class sizes?
  • immediately jumped on individual study problems?
  • prepared a child for secondary education using a high-standard, aligned curriculum?
  • was within reach financially?

In Greenfields Junior, Infant and Nursery School, classes are kept to a manageable size precisely so that the teacher can immediately spot any issues with study in each individual student. With a unique focus on learning how to learn, any barriers that a child runs into to do with any particular topic can be quickly addressed. The internationally-famous Cambridge curriculum is used throughout the school, all the way from Year 1 to Advanced Levels in Year 13, so your child studies along a pathway of coordinated materials every step of the way, with a focus on adding value.

And our New Fees Scheme means that school fees are affordable for almost everyone.

In this age of television and computer games Greenfields is aware of the importance of vocabulary building and reading. We have an excellent reading programme which starts in the Infants, continues throughout Juniors and into the Lower Seniors. Ever wider reading is constantly encouraged. There is a strong emphasis on the use of phonics throughout the school.

The children learn how to write stories, poems, instructions, letters, reports, etc. They study and analyse the writings of others to help stimulate their own creative writing.

Handwriting is taught with the aim of each student acquiring a neat, legible, cursive style through continuous practice in the Junior years, and students also complete a special Grammar and Communication Course.

We are proud of our mathematics programme which incorporates two avenues of instruction. Each Year Tutor has a series of games and activities to teach his or her class as a whole, and every child is also on an individual programme which allows each student to work at their own optimum rate.

This subject is taught in projects. The first steps are an introduction to simple concepts such as weather, the human body and simple machines. In the next class, children study more of the actual biological and physical environment such as plant life and sound. In the older Junior classes, the students begin simple experiments and observations related to everyday life and the world around them.

Dictionary Course
This course opens doors for those who would otherwise be unable to understand even the simplest of terms. If reading opens doors to other worlds, dictionaries can be seen as one of the keys. The use of a dictionary is an almost universally overlooked fundamental in learning, but its full use is priceless.

Learning How to Learn
A unique aspect of the methodologies that are used in Greenfields Junior School is that all students literally learn how to learn, without study or memory “tricks”. They have to really understand and use what is studied. The Learning How to Learn course is the first of several courses which train a student how to study with understanding.

Science, Music, Art, Sport, Dance and ICT are also taught by specialist teachers in some Junior classes. Cambridge assessments are used each year to measure progress and help support students and staff in their quest to add educational value.

Graduates of the Junior School
When students complete their education in the Junior, Infant and Nursery School they have a good grounding in all subjects taught and are ready for the more specialised Cambridge Curriculum of the Senior School. They graduate from the Junior School to the Senior School.

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