Are you unhappy with your child’s current primary school?

Do you have concerns that your child isn’t getting the basics needed to thrive later on?

Are issues about behaviour spoiling the best years of schooling?

You’re not alone. Many parents are anxious that their children’s primary education is being undermined by bullying, large class sizes and lack of preparation for later years.

This can mean that children struggle to get through to the end of primary school and then become confused, overwhelmed and lost when they are expected to tackle more demanding academic subjects in secondary education. Parents see that manifesting in their children as apathy, lack of interest in learning, poor exam results and worsening behaviour with potentially devastating effects.

A poor foundation in the Infants can make the rest of a child’s schooling a constant struggle.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

With Greenfields New Fees Scheme, a better quality of education has been placed within reach for almost anyone.

Greenfields Junior, Infant and Nursery School offers in its Infants classes:

  • a bully-free environment
  • small class sizes
  • a high-standard curriculum which ties in with what is taught in the Senior School

This means that behaviorial issues hardly ever arise and are swiftly dealt with when they do. It means that, on a daily basis, your child can get the direct, almost one-to-one attention that he or she deserves. And, because the Junior School uses the world-renowned Cambridge Curriculum, it means that your child is studying material which correlates to what is being taught in the senior classes, all the way up to Advanced Levels.

Infant classes build on the firm foundations laid in the Reception class. It is here that reading and writing really start to take off and the children move rapidly through a series of carefully graded books and other material designed to enhance and stretch their skills.

They are given many opportunities to write and take pride in presenting a neat piece of work. Maths is taught traditionally with emphasis on knowing and understanding basic arithmetic. Every step of the way, the focus is on adding value to your child’s educational experience.

Here the children are also encouraged musically in a variety of ways.

The differences are very obvious: in the Infants, you will notice your child relaxing, not needing to be anxious, flourishing under the attention of careful and loving teachers, and grasping basics firmly, with a desire to learn more.

If you want the best for your child in an Infant school, click here.