Do you urgently need your child to learn English so that he or she can get a good education?

Are you unhappy with your child’s progress at another school?

Have you looked into sending your child to a school overseas but you have questions or concerns?

Many parents outside the UK are anxious to obtain the best that a British education can offer, but are faced with many barriers. A lack of English, a new Boarding environment, uncertainties about the quality of the curriculum are just some of the things that make things difficult.

If parents don’t choose correctly, children can struggle to learn the English language and become confused, overwhelmed and lost when they are expected to tackle more demanding academic subjects in secondary education. Parents can waste time and money on ineffective systems which don’t teach properly, leading to a lack of interest in learning, poor exam results and worsening behaviour with potentially devastating effects.

An inadequate grasp of English can undermine any future studies and make the rest of a child’s schooling a constant struggle.

Greenfields Independent Day and Boarding School offers a Junior EFL class (ages 5 to 11) and a Senior EFL class (ages 12 to 17) with many advantages:

  • a distraction-free environment
  • small class sizes
  • a high-standard Cambridge curriculum, overseen by Cambridge University, which ties in with what is taught in the rest of the school
  • access to the Rosetta Stone programme to make sure that basics are learned swiftly (learn more about the Rosetta Stone programme here.)
  • a study methodology which is based on understanding and application -which means faster and more confident studies in advanced subjects later
  • a caring, active Boarding environment with a family atmosphere where friendly, qualified staff make sure that you feel welcome

Our concentrated programme means that children learn English quickly but with full understanding, saving a lot of wasted time later and ensuring value for money. On a daily basis, your child will get direct, almost one-to-one attention using the world-renowned Cambridge Global English curriculum, which means that they are getting the best possible preparation for further studies. The Cambridge curriculum correlates to what is being taught in the school’s senior classes, all the way up to Advanced Levels. It can provide a pathway to a coveted British university education.

We are also one of the few independent schools in the UK to offer an all-year-round Long and Short Term EFL Programme. Your child can come to Greenfields at any point in the year to study on our Long-Term EFL Programme OR for one week or more to learn English in the fun environment of our Short-Term Programme. Click here for more information about the Short Term Programme.