A Greenfields School Parent’s Success Story


“My daughter was previously in an exclusive Montessori Nursery in South Africa. It was OK but as a parent I didn’t feel there was anything special or extra offered. Bullying was also a worrying factor as even at that young age kids could be seen harassing each other.

Then a few years ago, out of the blue, I received a copy of Greenfields School Magazine. I was quite amazed to read how the school operates and about the policies the school implement. I wished my daughter could attend a school like this – it looked like a dream.

Somehow the information stayed with me and then, last year, we decided to move to England. One of the first things I looked into once we were here was Greenfields School.

I enrolled my daughter a year ago and I never expected to see such rapid improvement in her! She cannot wait to go to school each day, she is not just happy but absolutely excited to go there. She immediately started to be more creative with her artwork at home and within weeks she started to read and write.

For a mum to see her daughter literally jumping up and down from happiness was the best thing I could experience. It confirmed that she is in the right place.

There has not been one day where she didn’t want to come to school. She loves the clubs, sports and dance lessons, Her academics are outstanding and she is very interested in learning thanks to the dedication and hard work of the teacher’s. She is not overwhelmed by homework it is just the right amount for her age, she is flourishing, she is happy, she wants to learn more, she is active and happy in this school and she is able to develop her uniqueness and talents.

I love how the teachers deal with her and the other children. They attend to them individually if they need it and make sure they never fall behind. Teachers are friendly, approachable and are in good communication with their students. My daughter has said many times that ” learning is so much fun!”.

It was the best decision to bring her here as the school really met the expectations I had of it for so many years. It is an amazing, safe happy learning environment and I cannot be happier that my daughter has this opportunity to attend it as she literally understands what she is learning and can apply it at home and in her life. She uses what she learns – which is very rare thing at such a young age”.

M.B. Parent