Greenfields Theatre Company Production of Peter Pan

For this year’s Thirtieth anniversary of Greenfields, something was chosen that had eternal appeal, something that itself captured the sense of childhood magic which is part of what Greenfields is all about. “Peter Pan” was a clear favourite almost from the outset.

ppan2Peter Pan has appeared in various guises in tributes and parodies and has been the subject of several later works of fiction, including Disney’s famous 1953 animated film.

The name and the concept of Peter Pan springs up everywhere in modern culture from stories, books and computer games to race-horsing (three thoroughbred racehorses have been given the name) business names (including Peter Pan Bus Lines and Peter Pan Records) various stage musicals, live-action Hollywood films Hook (1991) and Peter Pan (2003), and the authorised sequel novel Peter Pan in Scarlet (2006).

This is because Peter Pan is all about not growing up – it’s all about a nostalgia for childhood and a child’s world where foes are bad and heroes are good and where adventure is all.

Once again, with children working together to create the entire show, Greenfields Theatre Company captured something of that spirit in this year’s play, managed and marketed, produced and performed by the multi-talented students for your pleasure.