Greenfields EFL Timetable 2017


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We have a variety of programmes for international students including intensive study, excursions, activities and outings to London, Brighton and other modern and historical sites. Summer holiday programmes run from June to August, minimum stay 1 week. Group bookings welcome.  Boarding on school campus, rural location. Cost £595 per week.


Greenfields Study Courses

Greenfields school attributes its success to its utilisation of the discoveries about studying and learning made by educator and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. He began his research into the field of study and education in the 1920’s and while assisting students in an exacting training programme in the 1960s, he did further extensive research and became aware of the absence of any systematic research and methodology on the subject of study itself. He accelerated and concluded his own investigation into how people learn and the difficulties they encounter in the process, eventually identifying the primary reasons people have any difficulty studying or learning.
From these discoveries, he went on to develop; READ MORE >>

Teaching Infants and Juniors at Greenfields

Greenfields Unique Study Methods and the Junior, Infant and Nursery School

Being aware of the powerful workability of the Study Technology* used by the school clearly gives us a responsibility for the correct application of it to our students. But how is this done with younger children? How is this technology applied to a 10 year old in say, Maths? READ MORE >>

Former Greenfields Students find success in the Arts

Greenfields has a strong track record for helping to nurture the creativeness of its students. Whether via is own Theatre Company, Rock School or by making professional artists available for tuition, the result is that many of its former students have gone into theatre, film production, design, photography, music and many other arts. Here are some updates on some of them: READ MORE >>