Greenfields Infant and Junior Play – The Jungle Book

The infant and junior Christmas play this year – the Jungle Book – was a great success. There were two performances and full audiences on both days. All of the children, staff and some volunteers worked together as a magnificent  team to produce the singing, dancing, acting, costumes, scenery, choreography and essential backstage management. Study Technology* was applied so that the children understood the script and the words of the songs resulting in a more professional performance. The whole production was an excellent achievement by the children and staff. *The school is distinctive in that it utilises the technology of learning developed by L. Ron Hubbard, known as Study Technology. This teaches a student how to successfully learn and apply any subject.

Greenfields Reception and Nursery Nativity Play

This year’s Nativity Play produced and performed by the Reception and Nursery classes was adorable and loved by parents and friends alike. The script was written by the Reception teachers and costumes were made by staff and the parents. The children learnt the carols in their music lessons and by singing them in the classroom every day with their teachers. The result of all this teamwork was a splendid and endearing show.