Local M.P. charmed by Greenfields School children

In May 2016 local MP, Nus Ghani visited Greenfields School for the first time. Nus enjoyed a tour of the school’s extensive grounds on the edge of the Ashdown Forest before visiting each class room and interacting with both staff and pupils. In the newly expanded Junior, Infant and Nursery School, she was particularly inspired by the creativity of the drawings of The Queen, which the pupils have done to celebrate her 90th Birthday, and has even offered to pass them on to Buckingham Palace! The timing was perfect when Nus entered one class just in time to translate some Panjabi words they were learning about! Next was the Senior School where Nus chatted to students about their work, upcoming exams and future plans. Executive Headmaster, Jeff Smith said  “It was really a pleasure to have Nus Ghani visit Greenfields. She interacted well with staff and students and took a genuine interest in their work, as well as the approach the school takes to teaching and learning*.” Nus has offered tours of the Houses of Parliament to the youngsters who will be delighted to take her up on the offer. READ MORE >>