A typical weekend for Boarders at Greenfields by Heads of Boarding, Danny and Anouk Fumigalli

warwick castle

“Just a little update about what is happening in Boarding…

A couple of weeks ago, we took all boarders to their first ever visit of a car boot sale. Many liked it a lot and found awesome bargains, while others were convinced that they had been dropped on a foreign planet that had nothing to do with their life. But either way, it gave them a real British experience (except for the weather, which was nice.)

Last Saturday we ALL went to Warwick castle. We left the school at 9 AM and only returned more than 12 hours later. Everybody had a great day!

On Sunday, we took it easy and only went to Crawley. But with that, cleaning the dorms at night and playing some games, it was still a full day for the boarders.

This weekend, boarding took care of the bikers cycling here from Forest Row as part of the Forest Row festival. This went really well and the bikers got a good impression of our school and happy boarders. After that, we went to Forest Row and checked out the festival ourselves. And then, just for good measure, we drove down to Brighton, went to the pier and the city there and enjoyed the late afternoon and early evening in Brighton.

On Sunday, we of course needed to go shopping (we hadn’t really gone for a whole week, so the pressure was building up) and almost everybody went to Bluewater. Those who stayed at school played volleyball and basketball in the sun.

During the week, we now have some boarders that go to the local gym three or even four times a week. This gets combined with runs to the shops, cookery lessons, prefect meetings, home work and just relaxing, the boarders have things to do more or less all the time.

Overall, the atmosphere has been really nice in boarding. The boarders that left us this summer are doing well, too, and are staying in touch with us. Here is what one of them had to say about boarding and the school in a recent letter to us:

I’m happy to hear all the good news about Boarding :)!

 I miss you and Danny and the girls, and all the supervisors and basically everyone SO MUCH!!

Please, say ‘ Hi ‘ to them 🙂

Now, that my new school had started two weeks ago, Greenfields comes to my mind every day – it’s so different – the two schools don’t compare. Greenfields is the BEST school I’ve ever been to!!

But, I do my best, I use *Study Technology as much as I can, so I can handle it. :)”


*The technolgy applied by the school to help children learn efficently. See: