Greenfields Theatre Company – Nanny McPhee

News and pictures about the Greenfields Theatre Company performance of Nanny McPhee, Graduation, Grad Ball, Summer Fair and more…

At the end of July, Greenfields children are performing Nanny Mc Phee. After exams finish every year in the summer term, the entire school turns into a production company run by the children in preparation for public performances. The photos below.

As always the Greenfields Theatre Company production of Nanny McPhee delighted its audiences with the natural humour and enthusiasm of the children. Although the Producer (Heather Stokes) and Director (Maria Bird) are teachers, almost all the other functions needed to create the play were executed by the children themselves.

This included costume making, scenery painting, ticket selling, promotional materials, music, lighting etc. and all in addition to being actors and actresses.

Nanny McPhee is loosely based on the film of the same name and is the story of a widower who has eight loud and unruly children. Relying on financial support from his aunt in order to keep the family together, the father is given an ultimatum that will seemingly have dire consequences for the whole family if he fails. Nanny McPhee comes to the rescue and a happy ending naturally ensues!