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Welcome from the Head Teacher

Welcome to Greenfields Independent Day & Boarding School. We are an ISA (Independent Schools Association) approved private school which has a fully licensed and accredited Montessori based Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School (K-8) and 6th Form.

Greenfields Independent Day & Boarding School utilises proven study methods (Study Technology) and a strong moral code (THE WAY TO HAPPINESS Booklet) ensuring happy students, no bullying, no drugs and successful graduates. Students aged 2 to 18 receive an all-round education for life, including National Curriculum and English Language (EFL) unit with excellent academic results.

Greenfields Independent Day & Boarding School is a unique place set on the edge of the Ashdown Forest in its own eleven acres of woodland, where we take pride in providing an education for our students which we feel prepares them for life in society like nowhere else in the world. Visitors regularly comment on the distinctive atmosphere here, the uncommon bond which exists between students and between teachers and students. The school has a particular ethos, a rare quality of its own, which has been kept alive over time by many people.

We are still “family-sized”– every class at Greenfields Independent Day & Boarding School is small enough for any teacher to be able to hold each student’s progress accurately in his or her mind’s eye – and every year, new students arrive and are assimilated into this “family”– this is the group where Juniors and Seniors play football together, where students from Year 7 hang out with students from Year 11, where everyone knows everyone else by name. This is the school where firm friendships develop between staff and students which last way beyond the student’s years at school.

Boarding is one big family, usually happy, with students from all over the world usually getting on with what needs to be done almost spontaneously.

We provide this friendly, caring and safe environment but the most important factor in our success is our method of study, which ensures that children really understand and can therefore use the information they study. This in turn brings about individuals who gain far greater affinity with the world around them than they could expect to get without it.

Students who are given the tools to feel really passionate about something – whether that’s History, or Art, or Mathematics, or Physics or any other field of study – become more than students: they have the potential to become practitioners and operators, leaders and guides in their chosen fields. While they are at school, we expect students, international and local, to take an active role in the school’s life, to endeavour to change conditions around them for the better and to set a good example for others.

I am confident that you will find something really special here at Greenfields Independent Day & Boarding School, and I look forward to showing you more and to answering any questions relating to your child’s educational development.

Grant Hudson
Head Teacher
Greenfields Independent Day & Boarding School


01342 822189


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